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Model 22 doseBadge

Model 22 doseBadge


  • Ideal measurement tool for capturing the real noise exposure levels of workers
  • Programmable for compliance with worldwide industrial & occupational noise regulations
  • Unique size and shape: compact, extremely robust and lightweight
  • No cables, displays or controls, reducing the risk of damage, misuse or tampering
  • Everything you need supplied in one user-friendly system package
  • Ergonomic Reader Unit with Integral Acoustic Calibrator
  • Outstanding Analysis & Reporting software supplied as standard
  • Certificates of calibration included

Noise doseBadge system: for occupational and industrial hygiene noise measurements


Noise doseBadge system: for occupational and industrial hygiene noise measurements

Accurately assessing and capturing the true noise exposure of workers made simple

The revolutionary personal noise dosemeter is a self-contained noise measurement device, also known as PSEM, that has no cables, displays or controls, making it the perfect solution for noise dosimetry, because units cannot be tampered with easily or damaged during measurements.

  • Pulsar noise doseBadge Reader Unit noise doseBadge communicates with an infra-red Reader Unit – similar technology to a television remote control. The Reader Unit controls the noise doseBadge to programme, calibrate, start-stop, download and store measurements.
  • All key measurement parameters can be viewed on the large clear backlit screen of the Reader Unit, which also displays a time history graph of worker's daily noise exposure.
  • The Reader Unit contains an integral acoustic calibrator allowing the noise doseBadge to be calibrated prior to and following each measurement in accordance with international regulations. Worldwide Occupational or Industrial Noise Regulations require the typical daily exposure of an individual worker to be determined. The Pulsar noise doseBadge automatically achieves this by computing the Daily Exposure for European legislation or the Time Weighted Average for US based legislation.

Personal noise dosimetry measurements are only the beginning. Our effective, user-friendly software package dBLink3 allows users to quickly analyse and transform the raw data into informative report formats, simplifying a potentially complex and time consuming process.

All the information you need for compliance with occupational noise regulations

Full ‘Time History’ information allows you to determine when key noise problems occur during a worker's day. All the data essential to meet compliance with occupational noise regulations is obtained at the touch of a button and include: LAeq, LEP,d, % Dose and TWA. The additional ‘C’ weighted peak Time History allows you to fully assess risks from impulsive noise in the workplace.



Pulsar Model 22 noise dosimeter allows you to ‘capture reality’ making them ideal for industrial noise applications. Increasingly this is the preferred method of providing personal daily noise exposures to ensure compliance with International Safety Legislation.noise dosemeter

A personnal noise dosimeter is especially suitable for applications where operators are regularly moving from location to location, working with moving machinery, in difficult to reach areas, vehicle cabins, shift work or with unpredictable work patterns.

Applications for the Pulsar doseBadge Noise Dosemeter

The Pulsar noise doseBadge is currently used across a wide range of different applications where there is a need to carry out assessments of the noise exposure of workers. Typical noisy industries where the use of noise dosimeters are suitable include:

Manufacturing, Construction, Utilities (Gas, Water & Electricity), Local Authority & Government, Shipping, Entertainment & Leisure, Education & Higher Learning, Highway Maintenance, Haulage & Transport, Rail, Agriculture, Aviation, Public Transport, Emergency Services (Hospitals, Fire, Police), Chemical, Open Cast Mining, Printing and Catering.

Interested in all things acoustics? We have produced a Glossary with the most common terms used in acoustics and their definition.  Click here to visit this section.

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Noise Dosemeter | Model 22 Software

The Model 22 Noise Dosimeter is supplied as standard with the valuable dBLink3 software program. To assist new users, a step by step wizard reassuringly guides you throughout the set-up and download procedures, and allows measurement data to be viewed, analysed and printed.

Three pre-formatted report templates are provided to present your measurement data. These reports can be printed or exported into a number of formats including Word, Excel and PDF. For those who prefer to use their own existing reporting methods, data and graphs can effortlessly be exported directly into Word, Open Office or Excel documents.

The fact that the Pulsar dBLink3 has no licensing restrictions means the user is able to install this software onto multiple computers and laptops eliminating hidden costs and optimising user flexibility.

dBLink3 also supports previous versions of the Noise Dosimeter and Reader Units, allowing existing users to upgrade to this new program.

Customers will need to install this driver for the system to work. This is also accessible via the FTDI">website download page:

How to download a copy of the dBLink3 software:

Please click here to download a copy of the Pulsar dBLink3 software.

Windows Users:

We have created a short Technical Guide for customers who are using Windows with their Pulsar doseBadge system. dBLink and Windows connectivity

Should you encounter any issues or problems with the above, please call our office on (01723) 518011 for further assistance.


Pulsar Noise Dosemeter | Model 22 Accessories

Each Pulsar Model 22 doseBadge noise measurement system, also known as a Noise Dosemeter, is supplied with everything required to conduct a fully compliant noise survey.

Contained in each system is:Pulsar+doseBadge+kit+with+2+doseBadges

  • Model 22 doseBadge(s) & leather mounting kit(s)
  • Model 22-R Reader unit with integral acoustic calibrator
  • CHR20-*D Charger unit for 2, 5 or 10 doseBadges
  • K3 Hard Attaché Case
  • Power supply
  • dBLink3 download, analysis and reporting software
  • Batteries
  • USB download cable
  • Calibration certificates
  • User manual
  • 2 year warranty

Optional Accessories:

  • WS22 protective windshield for the doseBadge against dust, moisture and noise generated by 'spurious' events
  • RK1 Key-fob remote control
  • Helmet mount for doseBadge


Model 22 doseBadge: 45gms (1.6oz)

Model 22-R Reader: 400gms (14oz)

Why not combine doseBadge system with a Sound Level Meter and Acoustic Calibrator ? 

The hard kit case supplied for your Pulsar doseBadge system has space for 5 individual doseBadge noise dosemeters along with all of the standard accessories.

Please note, the doseBadge system kit allows enough space for any combination of our Sound Level Meters such as a Pulsar Nova or Quantifier for example, an Acoustic Calibrator and a windshield. This allows the doseBadge kit to be transformed and adapted into a Safety Professional kit to provide you with a complete noise monitoring solution.

View our latest demonstration video for the Pulsar Noise Dosemeter - Model 22 doseBadge system.

Visit our Glossary section here for more information and definition of the most common terms used in acoustics.

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