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40th Anniversary of the IOA – Institute of Acoustics in the UK

Marking its 40th anniversary, 2014 is an exciting year for the Institute of Acoustics (IOA). To celebrate this significant anniversary, the IOA is hosting a 40th Anniversary Conference. The conference will take place at the NEC, Birmingham UK from 15 – 16 October.

We explore the role of the IOA, the benefits of membership and what we can expect at the conference.

The IOA was founded in 1974. It is a British professional institution which was formed from the amalgamation of the British Acoustical Society and the Acoustics Group of the Institute of Physics. It offers registration at Chartered and Incorporated Engineer levels and is a nominated body of the Engineering Council.

IOA membership

The IOA offers a broad range of courses that are professionally recognised and are designed to help enhance the career and job prospects of those interested in any element of acoustics. Membership to the IOA can therefore have an important impact on those working or wanting to work in acoustics.

The IOA has more than 3000 members of a diverse levy of backgrounds and professions. It is popular for those working in educational, industrial, research, environmental, industrial and governmental fields. This active professional body enables students, professionals and even retired people who still have an interest in acoustics, the opportunity to make useful contacts and improve professional opportunities.

Its multidisciplinary culture provides a vibrant platform for the “cross-fertilisation of ideas and initiatives.”

Some of the benefits of being member of the IOA include:

  • A route to achieving Chartered Engineer and Incorporated Engineer Status
  • The opportunity to attend interesting and interactive conferences, meetings and workshops
  • Membership of an active Institute which has nine specialist Acoustic Interest Groups
  • Access to the Acoustics Bulletin, which covers a huge range of acoustic-based articles
  • Opportunities to network on a local and national scale
  • Access to a Register of Members
  • Free access to Acta Acustica
  • Preferential rate for delegate proceedings and fees
  • Professional Indemnity Scheme

Who is eligible for membership?

As the IOA states on its website, there are several grades within the Institute and eligibility depends on the experience and qualifications of the applicant. As a general rule of thumb, the requirements for eligibility are:

Evidence that the applicant has been applying their knowledge to some branches of acoustics.

Recognised educational qualifications at a sufficient level from a number of relevant disciplines.

Some relevant work experience.

Certificate of Competence Workplace Noise Risk Assessment

Since Noise Regulations were implemented in 2005, demand for competent noise exposure assessments have been increasing.

Part of the IOA’s objectives is that organisations and places of work comply with noise regulations. The IOA’s Certificate of Competence Workplace Noise Risk Assessment is a certificate course which aims to enable people to conduct workplace noise assessments in a competent manner, as required by the control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005.

Since the course was established in 1989, more than 2000 people have gained a certificate. The course combines ‘hands on’ practical assessment of industrial noise measurements with the background to basic acoustics.

40th Anniversary Conference

The 40th Anniversary Conference held at the NEC, Birmingham, is the IOA’s main conference of the year. The aim of the conference is to celebrate the achievements of the Institution and the activities it has been involved in during the last 40 years.

It will also enable those who attend to explore the various divisions of acoustics.

Many key figures in the field of acoustics will be giving lectures and seminars throughout the event, including eminent acoustic experts Leo Beranek and Herman Steeneken. Leo Beranek is an American acoustics expert and author of Acoustics, which is considered to be a leading textbook in the field of acoustics. (He celebrated his 100th birthday in September!) Herman Steeneken co-invented the Speech Transmission Index in the 1970s, which is a measure of speech transmission quality.

One of the many topics to be covered at the conference will be the evolution of noise management and noise policy throughout the life of the IOA. It will also look at environmental noise, focusing on monitoring the sound of a city. Another key focus will be noise and vibration engineering and the assessment of low vibration techniques.

Speakers at the 40th Anniversary Conference will also explore speech and hearing, looking especially at voice problems and acoustics in school.

Click here for the full program of the Institute of Acoustics 2014 40th Anniversary Conference.

Even if you cannot attend the 40th Anniversary of the IOA in Birmingham you can help your workplace comply with the IOA’s objectives with Pulsar’s noise measuring equipment.

For further advice on controlling workplace noise, download Pulsar’s free 5 Steps Guide to Controlling Workplace Noise.  

Download your FREE 5 Steps Guide to Controlling Workplace Noise. Important Guidance on Employers' Duties under the Regulations

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Download your FREE 5 Steps Guide to Controlling Workplace Noise. Important Guidance on Employers' Duties under the Regulations

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