Perfekte System zur genaue Erfassung und Speicherung der tatsächlichen Lärmbelastung von Arbeitern - Lärmdosimeter

Ein Einsatz lohnt sich für Mitarbeiter, die über den Tag unterschiedlichstem Maschinenlärm ausgesetzt sind, alleine arbeiten, viel Zeit in Fahrzeugen verbringen, in Fabriken oder im Warenlager tätig sind, Schichtarbeit nachgehen oder unregelmäßigeArbeitsprofile haben.

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Why do you need a noise dosimeter?

Noise dosimeters are personal sound exposure meters (PSEM) for use in working environments where it is simply not practical to follow someone around with a sound level meter all day but where compliance with noise regulations is still vital.  The HSE identifies noise dosimetry as a useful way to calculate an individual's exposure to noise for the Employers' responsibilities under the Noise at Work Regulations 2005

Our range of dosimeters are tamper proof and are mounted on an individual worker's shoulder, close to their ears, where they continuously monitor their sound exposure levels. We offer dosimeters that are data logging so they collect time history data of the noise dose. Typical uses are in factories, industrial units, warehouses, large construction sites, and any other places where workers are exposed to different noisy machinery over their working shifts. They are also ideal for use with lone workers and those who are difficult to reach (for instance, those working in remote sites or in vehicle cabins).