Noise Meter & HAV Meter Hire

Noise meter hire, personal noise dosemeter and vibration meter rental

Cost is often a major factor when you are choosing to buy noise measurement instruments or hand-arm vibration meters, so for many people, the option to hire a meter may seem more economical.  If you need noise meter hire in the UK, dosemeter or hand-arm vibration meter rental then look no further

Pulsar offers a range of compliant measurement instruments that gives you the flexibility to select the ideal tool for your specific application whether that is a workplace noise assessment, environmental noise assessment or a hand arm vibration assessment.

What is included?

  • We supply each instrument or system as a full Measurement Kit ensuring that you have everything you need to carry out your work. 
  • Our easy to use license-free software is provided as standard, allowing you to quickly present your measurements in a professional manner and compliant reports. 
  • All our rental prices include return shipping

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Our most popular noise meter and HAV meter rental models include:

Rental meter

Price £ (per week)
Noise meter hire - rent our personal noise dosemeter system
Pulsar Noise Dosemeter System
Our  Pulsar Noise Dosemeter provides an innovative and practical solution for measuring occupational noise over a working day/shift.

The system includes 5 noise badges, a reader unit with integral acoustic calibrator, mounting kits, case, power supply, batteries, analysis and reporting software, USB download cable and calibration certificate.

Noise meter hire - Pulsar Nova
Pulsar Nova Model 45
Sound Level Measurement kit
Our high-performance Class 1 Model 45 Nova Kit provides everything you'll need for comprehensive noise measurements and analysis. It's simple to use, robust and compliant with Noise Regulations. This high-performance meter is ideal for environmental assessments and can be combined with an outdoor weatherproof kit for longer-term monitoring.
Noise meter hire - Pulsar Nova
Pulsar Nova Model 44
Sound Level Measurement kit

Our Class 2 Model 44 Nova Kit gives you everything you need for measuring noise at work including Data Logging and 1:1 Octave Band Filters for selection of appropriate hearing protection. 
Each complete measurement kit contains the Nova sound level meter, acoustic calibrator, windshield, batteries, kit case, analysis and reporting software, USB download cable and calibration certificate.
Noise Meter Hire - our noise measurement kits provides everything you need to compliant noise measurements

Professional Noise Measurement kit
(Dosemeter and Sound Level Meter)

Our Safety Professionals kit combines the best of our Pulsar Nova range together with a 5 badge Pulsar Noise Dosemeter System. This kit gives you everything you need for comprehensive and compliant workplace noise assessments as well as the ability to measure individual noise exposure of workers.

Noise Meter Hire - Outdoor noise monitoring kit
Pulsar Nova Outdoor Noise Measurement Kit
The Nova outdoor noise measurement rental kit consists of a Pulsar Nova sound level meter (choose from the Model 44 or 46- see above) with weatherproof carrying case, power supply, outdoor microphone, tripod and other accessories. 
Further information on the Nova outdoor kit.
Vibration meter hire - Measure hand arm vibration of your power tools by renting our hand arm vibration meter
Pulsar vB Hand Arm Vibration Meter

The Pulsar vB is the only meter you'll need to measure hand-arm vibration of power tools to start protecting your workers from Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome. It's easy to use, takes all the essential measurements and offers a simple way to report and store the information for your tools. A cable-tie tightener is included with the kit but users must supply their own cable ties.

Noise meter hire - Long term noise meter rental equipment available

Not sure which meter you need?

Our friendly knowledgeable staff are happy to advise you about the best meter for the job. And as always, when choosing Pulsar instrumentation, you also have the benefit of the technical support and backup of an experienced and professional team of noise measurement professionals. 

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On a budget?

We also offer some of our ex-demo and ex-rental sound level meters and acoustic calibrators for sale. Visit our Used Noise Meters and Dosemeters page for more information.