Where and how can I buy noise meters?

Where to buy noise meters and other noise measurement instruments

The best place to buy noise meters, noise dosemeters, noise warning signs, and Hand-Arm Vibration meters is through Pulsar Instruments Plc. Established in 1969, we are a leading manufacturer and supplier of noise measurement and monitoring instruments and our customers have recognised us as noise measurement experts for 50 years. 

We provide affordable, robust, accurate and easy to use noise measurement devices designed especially to make busy health and safety officer's jobs easier. Find out more about Pulsar Instruments

How to buy noise meters and vibration meters

where to buy noise meters and vibration metersWe offer three main options to customers: 

1. Online through our Noise Shop. Simply select the noise measurement instrument you need and pay online by debit or credit card. (see below for more information)

2. By contacting us directly. Pulsar is known for its great customer care so if you need some expert help or advice choosing the right meter for you can contact us by phone on +44 (0)1723 518011, by email at sales@pulsarinstruments.com or by completing our web contact form.

3. The third way of buying noise meters is through our global network of distributors. Please visit our list of distributors to find your nearest in-country supplier.

Pulsar Instruments and many of our distributors are also able to offer free on-site demonstrations of the meters too so you can see them in action and try our outstanding software before you buy.

As well as having an amazing range of products available to buy online, our website still has all the great content people love including our solutions for managing and controlling noise, our Guides on how to protect people from noise-induced hearing loss, and our advice-focused blog.

How to buy meters online through our secure website

where and how to buy noise metersYou’ll find everything you need for noise measurement on our website: noise meters, dosemeters, noise-activated warning signs, and acoustic calibrators and other accessories. In addition, people responsible for staff welfare and health & safety can now book our popular noise training courses online too. We believe we’ve made the product buying process is as simple as possible, however, our friendly team are still on hand to offer one-to-one advice and product support as always.

Customers can check out online safely through WorldPay - one of the world's leading online payment companies. You can also pay by credit card over the phone or by email (Pay by Link). We also accept payment cheque and via purchase order.

We will continue to expand our product offering going forward to ensure we are delivering the best noise measurement equipment to you so why not sign up below to receive our monthly newsletter with regular noise measurement insights, updates and loyalty discounts. 


Our instruments are normally shipped within 2-5 working days (for available stock) by a UK or international courier company such as Fedex, DHL, TNT. If your item is not currently in stock estimated delivery will be advised by separate email from one of our customer service team.

Please note, in addition to our standard carriage rates, non-UK customers may be liable for additional charges locally such as: (i) Customs duties; (ii) Local sales taxes (iii) Import duties

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