Professional Noise Measurement Reporting Software

Produce Professional Reports in 3 Clicks with AnalyzerPlus

Discover AnalyzerPlus: Noise Measurement Reporting Software from Pulsar Instruments

Even the inexperienced can create and distribute clear and easy to read reports and dashboards in a few seconds without the knowledge of programming or web technologies.

Generating, deploying and managing information reports is easy with the latest Pulsar AnalyzerPlus sound level meter software. This reporting software, from the UK’s leading noise measurement product manufacturer, is designed for use with the outstanding new range of Pulsar Nova sound level meters.

One of the best things about this noise measurement reporting software is the ease and speed with which reports can be generated. All it takes is a few clicks, from downloading your measurement data from your Nova sound level meter onto a PC or laptop for analysis to create a variety of reports.

The snoise measurement reporting softwareoftware allows several users to share the measurement database.  This is ideal for large noise teams who are in and out of the office or working different shift patterns, such as in environmental health departments.

Upgrades in recent months include a hearing defenders' tab for PPE equipment specification using octave band measurements including a large database of hearing protection equipment and reporting functions.

The software also benefited from some cosmetic improvements of icons and bitmaps and additional functions for editing markers on the time history view.

A quick Report button is now on every page, making it even quicker to generate easy to read reports.

AnalyzerPlus software features a quick-access menu and a number of pre-existing tabs so that you can select from a range of standard reports. Filters are also available, enabling you to sort noise measurements at the click of a button and without complication.

The software allows users to analyse data in a wide range of formats, including playback of audio notes and audio recordings. You can zoom in and out on recorded events depending on the level of information needed.

Pulsar AnalyzerPlus is available in French, German, Spanish and Italian to suit your geographical location.

Once installed, the sound level meter software is ready to receive updates by remote following a prompt from the manufacturer, so you won’t even need to install them yourself.

Find out more how Pulsar AnalyzerPlus software will help you with your noise at work measurements. Our team of noise measurement experts can provide you with more information now on 01723 518011.

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