Safeguard workers' hearing in noisy environments

Pulsar Noise Assessor: a meter designed to safeguard workers’ hearing in noisy environments

Simple ideas are the best and the Pulsar Assessor series couldn’t be simpler.

A hand-held sound level meter that detects and measures noise levels in decibels in workplaces such as factories, workshops, transport industries or construction sites to enable busy Health & Safety Professionals to find the source of noise, adapt the work environment and avoid putting workers' hearing at risk.

The meter is compliant with the Industrial Noise Directives ensuring that all the measurements taken in the workplace are reliable and able to stand up in a Court of Law if required.

All noise measurements are quick and easy - eliminating the need for lengthy training or hours spent reading bulky instruction manuals.  The meter only features four buttons.  It uses the start, point and measure principle, allowing the user to determine instantly the duration a person can work in a specific area before exposure levels or legal limits are exceeded.

The Assessor can be supplied as a complete measurement kit which includes all the accessories needed to perform a compliant noise survey.  A typical kit includes the noise meter, acoustic calibrator, windshield, reporting software, hard attaché case, wrist strap, manuals, calibration certificates, download cable and batteries.

Pulsar is all about experience and with over 40 years' of knowledge in the field of acoustics, the company's quality and workmanship is unrivalled. 

Although classed as a high-performance instrument, the Assessor is an affordable solution for noise measurements and risk assessments in the workplace. 

A sound investment for any business.

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