Wettergeschütztes Außenmessset für Schallpegelmessungen. Batteriepack ermöglicht  für bis zu 12 TagenBetriebstage. Mit Nova und Quantifier Schallpegelmessgeräten kompatibel.

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  • Quickly converts selected Pulsar sound level meters into an environmental noise monitor
  • Very robust weatherproof carrying case (lockable)
  • Cost-effective
  • WK1 for shorter measurements
  • Heavy-duty WK2 for longer-term noise measurements
  • Bird spikes to protect the windshield
  • Rechargeable power pack which lasts up to 5 days
  • Complete waterproofed outdoor microphone system with WK2

WK1 Short Term outdoor Kit

  • Intended for measurements that are for relatively short periods i.e. up to a day or overnight.
  • Pre-amplifier and microphone from the sound level meter itself are fitted within the ‘waterproof’ mounting system complete with windshield and bird-spikes.
  • The windshield system provides protection from the elements whilst the bird spikes are needed to avoid birds perching on the windshield and affecting your noise measurements.
  • The unit can then be mounted on a standard camera tripod.
  • The 10-metre cable coming from the windshield assembly is connected to the extremely robust weatherproof kit case which protects the instrument, power supply and accessories.

The WK2 Long Term Outdoor Kit

  • The solution for more demanding outdoor noise measurement and monitoring applications.
  • Weatherproof carrying case for the instrument, power supply and accessories
  • Linked via a heavy-duty 10-metre cable to the outdoor microphone system. (Other lengths are available upon request).
  • Integral tripod and windshield assembly which hermetically seals the pre-amplifier and associated circuitry. This is to prevent humidity affecting the circuitry and introducing impedance and therefore measurement errors, so the WK2 systems will work in conditions of up to 99% humidity to full performance. (Microphone not included)
  • The windshield / bird spike assembly employs the same weatherproofing techniques used for permanent airport monitors.
  • The adjustable tripod legs of the sealed unit can level the system to any surface and the ‘hook’ system* can be used to attach the assembly to a nearby permanent fixture or add extra weight to the assembly.
  • This ‘tripod and microphone’ assembly can be easily transported using its tubular carry case.


  • These outdoor kits contain a weather-proof case to house the sound measurement device such as a sound level meter, acoustic calibrator and rechargeable power source.
  • Windshield and bird spike provided as standard
  • 10-metre cable to connect the microphone assembly to the weatherproof carry case
  • Power source
  • The WK2 Long term outdoor system consists of an integral tripod and windshield assembly which hermetically seals the pre-amplifier and associated circuitry and includes a tubular carry case.
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