Hospitality Noise

Hospitality Noise Monitoring

Entertainment noise monitoring at music venues

With the hospitality industry now given the go-ahead from the government to open back up without restriction, business owners will need to be aware of the impact that their business will have on the local community. If your business is located in a residential area you will need to be mindful that residents have adapted to the noise levels during lockdown meaning there may be an influx of noise complaints with everything opening back up at once. 

Recommended products from Pulsar Instruments™

Please refer to our Pulsar Nova range of sound level meters for specific applications or contact us to discuss your hospitality noise monitoring requirements.  You may also be interested in our SafeEar Noise Activated Warning Signs, this enables you to set a noise level limit and have the sign activate when the limit is exceeded so you can take action to prevent complaints.

Sound level meters for Entertainment noise measurement Pulsar safeear noise warning signs for entertainment noise control
Sound level meters: Such as the Pulsar Nova
Noise-activated warning signs: Like the PulsarSafeEar

Outdoor entertainment also has an impact on environmental noise. Find out about our solutions for environmental noise monitoring.

Case Study: Leeds Direct Arena

We have worked with the health and safety team at Leeds Arena recently to monitor and control their staff's exposure to excessive noise levels with the Nova noise measurement system. Read more about their experience.

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