Annual Service & Recalibration

Accurate noise meter and vibration meter recalibration is essential – if you don’t recalibrate your equipment regularly your measurements may not be seen as accurate, reliable or compliant. In line with international noise regulations, we recommend that your noise measurement instruments are recalibrated at least every two years.

However, returning our own manufactured instruments to us for annual servicing will also extend the instrument's warranty and allows us to update firmware and hardware. We also recalibrate all other major brands of noise meter and vibration meter. Our recalibration is traceable and we offer UKAS calibration too.

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How often do you need to recalibrate your measurement instruments?

You should recalibrate your measurement instruments as often as the manufacturer outlines in their warranty and guarantee information.

The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) has also issued a guide (LAB23) on calibration of Sound Meters and Calibrators in which it states recommended calibration intervals for various types of equipment, some of which are listed here:

  • Personal Dosemeters - 1 year
  • Microphones (Reference and Working) - 2 years
  • Sound Meters (tested to BS7580, where applicable) - 2 years
  • Sound Meters built to IEC 61672:Part 1 - 2 years
  • All other Sound Meters - 1 year
  • Acoustic Calibrators (Mechanical or Electronic) - 1 year

Why should I return my meter for a service?

Pulsar Instruments™ sound level meters, noise dosemeters, and acoustic calibrators are well known for being robust and hard-wearing and come with a 1-year warranty. However, recalibrating and servicing your instruments is an important factor of ensuring your equipment continues to function correctly; this is called in IEC standard 61672 for sound level meters or ‘Routine Verification’.

We recommend that you return your noise meter and acoustic calibrator for service and recalibration on a yearly basis so you can have total confidence in your noise measurements. If you do, we will extend your warranty period for a further 12 months free of charge up to 7 years. The Pulsar Warranty includes any faults on the sound level meter and accidental case damage. Please note the warranty does not cover accidental damage to the microphone or damage to the display.

Regular service also allows us to make sure that the firmware and hardware on your instrument are updated to the latest versions. After recalibration of your instruments, we issue you with a current and valid calibration certificate. We perform all calibrations in accordance with recommendations and requirements of the appropriate International Standards and typically check over 100 different parameters.

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