Acoustic Calibrators & Noise Measurement Accessories

Everything you need for compliant noise measurement, including most importantly, acoustic calibrators - a vital accessory for field calibration of your noise meter.

Our range of accessories also includes replacement windshields and microphone capsules, protective carrying cases and data loggers.

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Noise Measuring Equipment

An Acoustic Calibrator (also known as field calibrator or sound level calibrator) is a hand-held device that emits an audible tone at a standard noise level and frequency. For compliance with noise measurement legislation, such as the Noise at Work Regulations, you should field calibrate your sound level meter or dosimeter before and after taking noise measurements. This is done by fitting the calibrator over the meter's microphone and checking the reading. Sound level meters such as Pulsar Instruments™ Nova range ask the user to calibrate their meter when they switch it on, the meter then automatically checks the reading.

An Acoustic Calibrator should meet the standard IEC 60942 to either Class 1 or Class 2. A Class 1 calibrator is used with Class 1 sound level meters for example which require more accuracy (less tolerance) than the Class 2 (which is correspondingly used to calibrate a Class 2 sound level meter. In general, if you have a Class 1 (or Type 1) Sound Level Meter then you should use a Class 1 Calibrator. If you have a Class 2 Sound Level Meter you can use either a Class 2 or Class 1 Calibrator.