Noise Measurement Kits

Our noise measurement kits contain all the accessories you need to take accurate noise measurement instruments correctly.

We offer a range of noise measurement solutions from noise at work kits (combination kits including noise meter and dosemeter) through to long-term outdoor environmental noise monitoring kits.

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Noise Measurement Kits

As occupational noise measurement experts for 50 years, Pulsar Instruments™ knows what our customers need the most, and this is often a combination of noise measurement solutions such as sound meters and dosemeters, or sound meters and noise warning signs. We have therefore put together a range of solutions with the busy health and safety practitioner in mind. 

In addition we also provide a range of measurement kits to help those people with longer term noise monitoring needs such as our Outdoor Noise Monitoring kits for use in combination with our sound level meters. 

If you would like some help choosing the right noise measurement solutions for your application, a member of our team would be delighted to help you. Contact us today.