The Easy to Use digital Sound Level Meter

A simple to use digital sound level meter, yet compliant: ideal for basic noise level measurement and spot checks

Combining computer technology with an ultra-simple operation, the Pulsar Instruments plc Digital Sound Level Meter Model 14 is an entry-level instrument. It is intended to be used by staff with some responsibility for health & safety, primarily for factory surveys to enable employers to check boundary noise at the lowest possible cost. It is an ideal sound meter for applications where a simple, yet compliant sound meter, is required such as during the testing of Fire Alarms, fireworks or other basic noise level checks in the workplace.

Fully compliant with professional standards IEC 61672:2003 at Class 2 level, the unit is housed in a plastic case with internal screening to meet all the current EMC requirements.

As well as simplicity in operation, particular attention has been paid to the display and a specific design of LCD has been used with very high legibility in all light conditions. The unit has not only the A-frequency-weighting required by the EU Directive but as well, C-frequency weighting, both with F-time-weighting or what was traditionally called 'Fast response', obviously Max hold is fitted as demanded by the standard.

The intent of the Pulsar Model 14 is to allow relatively untrained staff to carry out an initial survey of factories and other workplaces where the noise levels are not expected to be very high. If during this initial survey, all noise levels are found to be less than say 75dB(A), no worker can be exposed to dangerous noise levels and the employer can be confident that he is fully compliant with the current regulations. If one or more slightly higher levels are found, these can be avoided or a more conventional integrating sound level can be used to quantify the average level or a Personal Sound Exposure Meter such as the Pulsar 'doseBadge' used to measure the noise exposure of individual workers in terms of LA(t).

A high sensitivity range is also fitted, to allow noise to be checked at the boundary of any premises to ensure that noise is not escaping from a workplace; this is only possible as the Model 14 is fitted with a 50mV/Pa true measuring microphone.

Model 14 is normally supplied as a kit including an acoustic calibrator Model 106 as well as the operating manual etc, housed in a carrying pouch CP1. It fully complies with the latest International standard IEC 61672 at Class 2 level as well as the older IEC 60651 Type 2. It is therefore believed to offer the lowest cost fully compliant meter available on the European market.

Specification at a glance:

  • Class 2 to IEC 61672:2002-1
  • Normal (Sound Level), Maximum Hold
  • Sound Level (SPL)
  • 35dB(A) to 130(dB(A)
  • dB(A) & dB(C) Frequency Weightings
  • Windshield and Carrying Pouch included 
  • 24-month warranty

Pulsar Instruments Plc have been manufacturing "simple to use"high-quality noise measuring equipment since 1969.

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