Making Sense of the UK’s Noise at Work Regulations

Tips on how to manage the noise measurement process with the noise experts

Join the noise experts in a series of face-to-face meetings and gain vital insight into how to manage the noise measurement process in the workplace. 

The one-day courses, delivered by Pulsar Instruments, are intended to meet the needs of those new to noise at work measurement. This course is particularly suited for those safety professionals who have recently purchased a new sound level meter or a noise dosimeter system or who are thinking of purchasing new noise monitoring equipment and would benefit from practical, expert noise at work advice.

The 50 years old noise measurement products manufacturer along with the course tutor have extensive experience of workplace noise measurements through direct contact with HSE professionals around the world since 1969 and have forged a strong reputation in the field.  The course reflects this expertise in a way that is accessible to all.  Enough information is presented to allow sensible noise measurements to be made in the field of Industrial Safety. However, this short training course does not replace more rigorous ‘Competency' courses; instead, it should be treated as an introduction or revision of the subject. Any delegate taking part will benefit from this practical knowledge.  Basic theory is limited to that which is vital to understanding the measurement process.

The actual measurement process is covered in some detail so that the requirements of the UK Health and Safety Executive or the European Union Directive, can be fully covered. The latest Directive on noise at work, effective from April 2006, requires that the noise levels be lower than the previous permitted levels, which affected the hearing of too large a proportion of the working population.

Even at the new lower action levels, a significant number of people will still have their hearing affected and hearing damage, once caused cannot be cured. This last Directive will add cost to a large number of businesses, from the increased use of PPE, extra health monitoring, new building works through to replacement of noisy machines.

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Classes are limited to 15 delegates. 

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