How to monitor workplace noise with the SafeEar Warning System

Our International Sales Manager at Pulsar Instruments, recently filmed a video explaining about how to monitor workplace noise levels with PulsarSafeEar noise warning signs,. The following text is the transcript of the new PulsarSafeEar video.


This product is ideal for use in two kinds of environments.

Firstly, in environments where noise in an issue, for example, libraries, hospitals or hotels. Alternatively, it can be used in environments where noise is above recommended levels, such as factories or garages.

We've now set the PulsarSafeEar to a trigger level of 65 decibels. Here is an example for you to see.

Open the back of the PulsarSafeEar unit. You will need a small screwdriver.

Open the back of the unit.

The top right dial sets the brightness level, 0 being dim and 9 being really bright. Please select the option to suit your requirements.  The bottom middle and bottom right dials are used to set the trigger level settings.  The minimum is 40 decibels and the maximum is 120 decibels.  For example, the bottom middle dial, you set to four (4), the bottom right dial, you set to zero (0). The trigger level setting will be 40 decibels (40dB).  If you wish to set it to 85 decibels (85dB), you set the bottom middle dial to eight (8), bottom right to five (5) and that will be a trigger level of 85 decibels (85dB).

Alternatively, if you wish to set the trigger level to 120dB, you have to use the bottom left dial, set the dial to one (1), the bottom middle dial to two (2), the bottom right dial to zero (0) and that will give you a trigger level setting of 120 decibels (120dB).

Pulsar SafeEar Noise Activated Warning Sign.

  • Quick and Simple to install
  • Suitable for both quiet and noisy environments
  • Trigger level from 40dB to 120dB
  • High-intensity white LED technology for high visual impact

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Setting Up The PulsarSafeEar Noise Activated Warning System Software

John Hughes, the International Sale Manager at Pulsar Instruments, also created a video explaining how the PulsarSafeEar noise warning signs software works. 

Firstly, you will need to put the PulsarSafeEar Data logging software CD into your computer.  The software will automatically download.

Secondly, insert the data logger into your PC, a PulsarSafeEar window will open, and you'll be presented with three options. Please choose the "connect" option, and then choose "start logger".

Once you have pressed this, another window will open and you can choose the format that suits your requirements. After that, you will need to insert the data logger into the back of the PulsarSafeEar. You can now start recording all your noise measurements.

Once you have taken all your noise measurements, remove the data logger from the PulsarSafeEar and re-insert into your computer. Select the "connect" option on the PulsarSafeEar window, and then you can download, in graph format, all the data.

If you wish to store the data, it can also be downloaded in Excel format by choosing "file" and "save as".

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Find out more about the how to monitor workplace noise levels with the Pulsar Noise Warning Sign, PulsarSafeEar, or contact the team.

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