Noise level monitoring system flashes alerts in real time

Exposure to harmful noise levels at work and noise-induced hearing loss can be prevented if the right processes and noise level monitoring system is available. Around the world, millions of workers are affected by excessive noise levels in the workplace.  A large proportion are exposed to noise loud enough, in the region of 80dB(A) – 85dB(A), that they have to raise their voices to be able to converse with colleagues.  Often described as the fifteenth most serious health problem, noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) should not be ignored by employers.

noise level monitoring system flashes alerts for high noise

Clients often ask us for advice on simple solutions to monitor noise levels.   We are working with many different types of industries to help them find the right noise measurement for their application and budget.  In certain working environments, simple, low-cost solutions can be used very effectively to act as early warning systems, highlighting potential problems with noise levels or prompting for corrective action to be taken to avoid harm.

Noise level monitoring system flashes alerts in real time

The PulsarSafeEar manufactured by Pulsar Instruments in the UK, is a basic monitoring system which can be mounted easily on any wall and operates from the mains.   Yes, it is a basic device but it is sophisticated enough to activate in response to certain noise levels.  Put simply, a highly visual warning message or safety icon flashes in real time on a master board when noise levels at a pre-set decibel level are detected, via its microphone, and exceed the set limit. Watch our PulsarSafeEar video

The three main uses of the PulsarSafeEar warning system are to: alert, educate and prevent. This device can be used across a wide range of indoor work settings to inform employees and visitors in real-time about noise issues.

Thanks to a clearly identifiable alert symbol, workers and visitors alike can take immediate action to protect themselves from the noise by reaching for hearing protection or by taking appropriate action to reduce the noise levels around them. The trigger level is programmed on the back of the sign to suit the application or work environment.  A typical use of such a sign would be in a workshop, open plan office, hospital reception, school (exam room or corridor), call centre, canteen, warehouse or a factory.

The PulsarSafeEar comes with a choice of key messages such as “Hearing Protection Required” that can be used in an industrial, engineering or factory environment such as a loading bay, entrance or corridor prior to entering a production, processing unit or packing zone to name a few. An alternative ‘Silence, Quiet Zone” can be used in calm environments, for example in a hospital or educational building. Another version, designed specifically to be used in pubs, bars and nightclubs, displays “Warning! High level of noise!”

Not just a pretty noise level monitoring system

Noise level monitoring systemWe all know that the size of buildings can vary vastly.  This product is great as it can be extended to cover an area of up to 30 metres – ideal for large industrial premises or corridors leading to an exam room – by linking the master unit to a series of remote units.  Finally, customers may choose to purchase a SafeEar data logger and USB software to record noise levels over selected periods of time, such as over an entire shift, and produce a graph of the recording.  All noise measurement data collected can be printed, exported and annotated for future reference.

 We have narrowed down the main benefits of the PulsarSafeEar:

  • Quick & simple to install – in less than 30 minutes
  • Lights up and flashes a visual alert in real time when a pre-set noise level is exceeded
  • Trigger level from 40dB(A) to 114dB(A)
  • Ideal for use in both noisy and quiet environments
  • Adjustable, high-intensity white LED technology for high visual impact
  • 4 standard designs to cover all applications
  • Multi-language options available
  • Weight 0.6kg (1.3lbs)

How this system will help you

If you are just looking for a fixed solution to alert your staff on a daily basis this is a great product for you but it does not replace a sound level meter.  It is what we refer to as a noise indicator and should be used as such.  If you are working towards compliance with the Noise at Work Regulations, you should combine this device with the use of a handheld compliant sound level meter – at least Class 2 is recommended. This will provide you with in-depth noise testing and noise exposure data for further reference and to show as evidence in case of an inspection or dispute over noise-induced hearing loss.  Find out more about the Noise Regulations here.

In summary

If you are looking to monitor noise levels at work in a way that will warn staff and visitors of potentially harmful levels, look no further than the PulsarSafeEar wall-mounted noise activated warning system.   This device is available in a number of different languages and can be purchased directly from Pulsar Instruments in the UK or via its distribution network.  Call us on 01723 518011 for more information, or contact us to find out more.

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