Pulsar ‘Safety Professionals’ noise assessment kits: the sound combination

Pulsar now offer a combination of any of its sound level meter and doseBadge system supplied in one kit case

Pulsar now offer a combination of any of its sound level meter and doseBadge system supplied in one kit case as a Safety Professional System, providing Health & Safety professionals with a custom-made solution for resolving their specific noise risk assessment issues.

Current EU Noise Directive requires businesses to assess the risk from noise exposure levels for their workers and visitors. Health & Safety Professionals need to create a clear report with a prioritised action plan to show how the organisation intends to eliminate or minimise these hazards.

Mapping out exact working practices can be difficult as, often, workers themselves do not realise what they actually do during a typical day! In such cases, personal dosimetry is an ideal method for determining working practices and can be used in conjunction with a sound level meter to great effect.

In the first instance, choose a Pulsar sound level meter to suit your own specific application. This can be a simple to use instrument from our popular Assessor range designed specifically for compliance with the new regulations or our Quantifier range which is perfect for both industrial and environmental applications.

Add to this measurement system to one of our Model 22 doseBadge systems. These allow you to accurately assess the daily exposure levels of those at risk. The simplicity of these robust, lightweight and wireless dosimetry units remove any barriers to the assessment of daily personal exposure levels. Personal Noise dosimetry is especially suitable for applications where workers are regularly moving from location to location, work unsociable hours, move machinery or work in difficult or hard to reach areas.

Finally, our dedicated software packages allow you to download your noise measurements and quickly produce a variety of automated yet comprehensive reports. Clear basic measurement, time history information and graphs, automatic hearing protection selection calculations or exposure calculations are just a few button clicks away.

Find out how which Safety Professional noise measurement kit is right for your needs by contacting our team on 01723 518011 or by emailing us at sales@pulsarinstruments.com