Nova 43 - Data Logging Sound Level Meter Class 1


A Class 1 highly accurate data logging sound level meter, part of the Nova range. Buy on its own as part of a complete noise measurement kit.

Features include:

  • Leq, Peak and C-A for hearing protection calculations using the HML method
  • Pause and back erase functions
  • Large dynamic measurement range 20-140 dB(A), plus 143 dB(C)
  • Compliant with IEC 61672


  • Use anywhere you need to measure noise levels with high accuracy. 
  • Workplace noise assessments, occupational & industrial hygiene and much more.
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The Pulsar Nova range of decibel meters combines advanced noise measurement technology with ease of use, practical applications and durability. They are ideal for Workplace Noise, Industrial Hygiene, Construction and Entertainment noise measurement.

The Class 1 Pulsar Nova Model 43 data logging sound level meter is the perfect tool for the Health and Safety Practitioner. Data logging is now included as standard on this Model, which together with our AnalyzerPlus software allows the user to download their measurement data onto a PC or laptop for analysis and to create compliant noise measurement reports in a couple of clicks of the mouse!

This simple to use meter is:

  • Faster. Intuitive design and simultaneous measurement of all key noise measurement parameters means that it's easier to use
  • Stronger. Made with a durable metal case so it is hard-wearing
  • Compliant. Meets IEC 61672-1:2013 and the needs of Noise at Work regulations.
  • Longer. 30-hour battery life so you stay productive
  • Ideal for Workplace Noise, Industrial Hygiene, Construction and Entertainment noise measurement.

The Nova Range consists of six powerful sound level meters. These differ from other noise monitoring equipment, as they offer you the unique opportunity to add features either immediately or at a later date so that your sound level meter will always be suitable for your requirements. Compare the different Pulsar Nova Models within the range.

Find out more about the Pulsar Nova Range on our product video.


All of the features of the Class 1 Pulsar Nova Model 41 decibel meter with the addition of:

  • Data Logging. Transforms measurement data into compliant noise measurement reports within 2 clicks of the mouse.
  • Leq, Peak and C-A for the HML method of hearing protection calculation
  • Pause & back erase function
  • 20dB(A) to 140dB(A) & 143dB(C) dynamic measurement range
  • Colour coding for measurement status.


  • Workplace noise
  • Occupational & industrial hygiene
  • Construction noise measurement
  • Machinery noise testing
  • Entertainment noise measurement

The Models 43 dB meter comes supplied with:

  • 1 year warranty (extendable to 7 years*)
  • User manual
  • Valid calibration certificate
  • AA Batteries (6)
  • Wrist strap
  • 'AnalyzerPlus' - Pulsar download analysis and reporting software
  • USB small download cable

* To qualify for the 7 year warranty, you will need to send your Pulsar Nova sound level meter back to us annually for recalibration and service where upon the warranty is extended for a further 12 months for up to 7 years.

Also available as a noise measurement kit containing:

  • Model 43K (Class 1) meter
  • Model 105 (Class 1) Acoustic Calibrator
  • WS90 Windshield
  • K4 Hard Kit Case
  • Wrist Strap
  • AA batteries
  • Calibration Certificates for the sound level meter and acoustic calibrator and user manual
  • Pulsar ‘AnalyzerPlus’ download, analysis and reporting software
  • USB small download cable

An outdoor weatherproof, dustproof, outdoor kit is available as an additional accessory which enables the user to measure noise outdoors over the mid- to long-term.

The Pulsar Nova range of decibel meters can be supplied with a number of input and output cables, contact us for details.

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Safety Coach, Setters Health Safety
Setters Health Safety are a coaching culture and people performance training company based in North Wales. Our Safety Coach contacted Pulsar Instruments recently looking to purchase a new noise meter kit. He opted for a Pulsar Nova Model 43 noise measurement kit with the data logging option and 1:1 Octave band analysis. He is delighted with his latest purchase and contacted Pulsar soon after receiving his order: 'The Nova meter is very easy to use, with more info than you can shake a stick at! In addition, Phil was offered a place on the Pulsar Noise Awareness course to be held at the York Railway Museum in September..

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