Noise Frequency Real Time Analyser Model 33


This high performance sound meter measures real-time noise frequency. Class 1 and Class 2 available.

A powerful instrument that measures 1:1 and 1:3 octave bands at the same time and is compliant with IEC 61672 and BS 4142 for industrial and environmental noise monitoring. 

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A world of solutions - ideal for Industrial, Engineering, Vehicle, Environmental & Building Acoustics applications

The Model 33 Noise Frequency Real-Time Analyser with 1/1 & 1/3 Octave Band Filters simultaneously measures all parameters with all Frequency and Time Weightings, giving you the confidence you will always have the correct data for analysis. This high-performance meter offers exceptional acoustic performance but it is still easy to use; taking measurements is as simple as pressing the 'record' and 'stop' buttons.

Available as a Class 1 (Model 33-1) or a Class 2 (Model 33-2) meter.

The Real Time Analyser allows you to measure all Octave Bands at the same time, immediately capturing all of the data in each band and not missing any important information. This is very practical for reliable, accurate and rapid capture of variable noise levels to optimise environmental monitoring surveys or provide an accurate prescription of hearing protection in industrial environments. 

For environmental noise monitoring under BS 4142:2014, the large memory, programmable auto repeat function and statistical LN values, combined with the optional addition of an outdoor kit, ensures the instrument is ideal for use as either a short-term or longer-term semi-permanent environmental monitor. The ability to take measurements every 125ms allows the user to conduct detailed analysis for engineering and environmental noise. It is also available with remote management so you can see the real-time noise Frequency measurements at your computer whilst taking measurements elsewhere.

The wide dynamic span of over 110dB in the single measurement range ensures you never make invalid measurements that ‘Overload’ or ‘Under range’ which is especially important during 1:1 or 1:3 Octave Band Analysis. An extensions module is available to enhance both the low and high frequency limits of the 1:3 Octave Band Filters so that frequencies as low as 6.5Hz up to 20kHz can be measured. 

The two outstanding powerful software packages, Analyser and Acoustic Toolbox software allow you to download, analyse in depth and present your results in a variety of formats.

Features include:

  • Powerful measurement of Noise Frequency in real time
  • Compliant to the latest Noise Regulations IEC 61672-1 (Class 1), 61672-2 (Class 2) and BS 4141:2014
  • 1:1 and 1:3 Octave Band Filters
  • High acoustic performance
  • Large memory for data storage
  • Measurements every 125ms allowing detailed analysis
  • Available as Class 1 (Model 33) and Class 2 (Model 33-2)


With exceptional acoustic performance and compliance to the latest worldwide guidelines the Model 33 is perfect for the following applications:

  • Environmental noise monitoring
  • Tonal analysis of Environmental noise using 1:3 Octave Band Analysis
  • Industrial noise measurements
  • Accurate prescription of hearing protection using Real Time Octave Band Analysis
  • Building acoustic measurements (using the optional frequency analyser reverberation time module)
  • Vehicle noise testing using remote measurement abilities
  • Ideal for engineering applications such as noise control & reduction using 3D tonal analysis and the reverberation measurements.
  • Longer term outdoor noise measurements with optional weatherproof kits
  • Noise measurements down to Real-Time NC curve calculations.

Models 33 & 33-2 Software

The Model 33 & 33-2 instruments are supplied with the powerful Acoustic Toolbox software that allows stored measurements to be downloaded to a PC for detailed analysis. You can then create custom designed templates to present results in Excel or Word.

The 'Acoustic Toolbox' Frequency Analysis Software facilitates the Graphical ‘Live Display’ of up to three parameters if the Model 33 is connected to your PC. Post-processing allows detailed 3-Dimensional Frequency Analysis Modelling to be performed using downloaded measurement data.

The outstanding ‘Analyser’ Frequency Analysis Software, also supplied as standard, allows stored measurements to be downloaded to a PC for reporting and further analysis.

The instruments can store data in the internal memory and allow this information to be downloaded and reports subsequently created using the exceptional Pulsar ‘Analyser’ download & analysis reporting software.

The software also has a special database of hearing protectors that allows the user, at the click of a button, to have all calculations done automatically so that you do not have to manually measure the noise level. A selection of hearing protectors is listed and a report can be compiled.

Models 33 & Model 33-2 Accessories

The Model 33 or Model 33-2 Real-Time analyser & sound level meter comes supplied with the following Sound Measurement Equipment:

  • ‘Analyser’ and ‘Acoustic Toolbox’ download, analysis and reporting software
  • Mini USB Download cable
  • RS232 Download cable
  • Operating manual
  • Certificate of calibration
  • Batteries
  • 24-month warranty

The instrument is most often supplied as part of a complete sound measurement equipment kit, containing all that is required to carry out a noise survey.

Each Model 33K (Class 1) or Model 33-2K (Class 2) noise measurement kit contains:

  • Model 33 or Model 33-2 real time analyser & sound level meter
  • Model 105 (Class 1) or Model 106 (Class 2) Acoustic Calibrator
  • WS91 Windshield
  • K2 Hard Attaché Case
  • Wrist Strap
  • Batteries
  • Calibration Certificate for the real time analyser and its acoustic calibrator
  • ‘Analyser’ and ‘Acoustic Tool Box’ download, analysis and reporting software
  • Mini USB to USB Download cable and RS232 download cable
  • 24 month warranty

Optional Accessories:

  • EFM33 Extended Frequency Module for the Model 33
  • RT33 Reverberation Time Module for the Model 33
  • WK1 Outdoor Weatherproof kit with Lightweight Outdoor Microphone System
  • WK2 Outdoor Weatherproof kit with Heavy Duty Outdoor Microphone System

To request a quotation for the optional accessories to this product or find out more information, please contact us.

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In over 40 years as an Occupational Hygienist I have encountered or used many sound level meters for both occupational and environmental situations. In my opinion the ‘Pulsar Model 33' is something special. In addition to the instrument's aesthetic properties it is lightweight and very user friendly. Perhaps the most remarkable feature is the amount and nature of data which is measured and stored during every second of the monitoring period. ‘A', ‘C' and ‘Z' weightings are presented which include dB, Max, Min, Peak, Leq etc., plus L1 to L90. All this information can be viewed on the instrument but with copying data to an ‘Excel' file, graphs of any combination with respect to time can be presented. Overall the instrument not only satisfies all my requirements but is a delight to use.
WENAG is a village community noise-abatement group - i.e. non-professionals in the noise-monitoring field. We decided in 2012 that we needed the ability to gather noise data from a nearby motorcycle-racing circuit, which local residents were finding to be a nuisance. The aim was to supplement the one-off measurements made by the district council, and by our own noise consultants, with a database covering a whole season of events, so that all those involved could have a clear and unambiguous overview of the facts. We looked around at the options, took advice from the professionals we knew in the field, and decided to buy a new Pulsar 30 meter with acoustic calibrator and outdoor kit. We then sent, our designated technical manager, on Pulsar's one day training courses, so that he would know how to operate the meter, how to calibrate correctly, and how to comply with relevant operational and record-keeping requirements. We have now completed a full season, and are happy to report that the equipment performed flawlessly during the 16 sessions we ran, each of which covered around 8 hours of recording. Pulsar's technical support could not be faulted: if a problem or query arose, we were always able to get through to someone who knew what they were talking about, both on hardware and software issues. And when we found that certain extras were needed, they supplied them promptly and at reasonable prices. We now go into our next season with the confidence that we are both well equipped and strongly supported. And we would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone else in our position.

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