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Noise monitor Pulsar BlueBox used

Control noise levels automatically and guard again noise complaints under the loud music laws of the UK with our noise monitor the Pulsar BlueBox.

The Pulsar BlueBox music monitor helps control noise levels automatically in pubs, clubs and at events

  • Visual warning of loud music levels
  • Cuts off the music if preset noise warning levels are exceeded
  • Robust, durable and easy to use.

The BlueBox has a trip range of: 85-116 dB(A), dB(B) or dB(C). It is supplied with a 10m microphone extension cable, so the microphone can be in a different place to the music cut off box supplied with a 30ft/10m extension cable.

It's ideal for use then high volume music from entertainment venues is likely to cause noise complaints under the loud music laws.  

How it works

The BlueBox acts as a noise monitor or music monitor and when noise levels get close to the preset noise cutoff, a row of lights illuminates to warn that the volume is getting too high and that the music will be silenced unless action is taken. If noise exceeds the preset limits then power to the amplifiers is temporarily removed for around 20 seconds. Then the unit resets itself and the power is returned. 


To be used to control music levels automatically in nightclubs, public houses, event spaces and at other public Entertainment Venues. The cutoff level is set by opening the box with the keys supplied.

An electrician is required to install the Bluebox Music Noise Monitor to make a connection between the electrical supply and the amplifiers.

The box should be mounted in the line of sight of the D.J, Venue Manager or other responsible people so that they can immediately take action when the warning lights illuminate and avoid an unwanted cutoff.

Dimensions & Features:

  • 8.2" x 13.8" x 3.1", 141 ounces
  • 210mm x 350mm x 80mm, 4kg
  • Power supply: mains, less than 10W
  • Switchable load: 30A non-inductive
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