NoisePen Service and recalibration

Accurate recalibration of your NoisePen personal noise dosemeter is essential to make sure it stays accurate and your noise measurements are legally compliant.

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Pulsar Instruments sound measurement equipment is for being reliable and trustworthy. We recommend that you regularly recalibrate and service your NoisePens so that these instruments continue to function correctly and are updated with the latest firmware.

Instruments under the standard 1-year are covered for most repairs and upgrades including accidental damage with the exception of repairs or replacement microphones.

After recalibration of your NoisePen dosemeter, we will issue you with a current and valid calibration certificate. We perform all calibrations in accordance with recommendations and requirements of the appropriate International Standards and typically check over 100 different parameters.


Prices are quoted below and include return shipping (within the UK) to the customer 

Additional charges may apply for:

  • Replacement microphones
  • Other non-warranty repairs required (full details will be given)
  • Non-UK return shipping

If additional charges apply you will be contacted for pre-payment before the return of your instruments. 

How to return your instrument to us:

Please send your instrument (or kit) in suitable protective packaging or its kit case to:

  • Pulsar Instruments Plc, The Evron Centre, John Street, Filey, North Yorkshire YO14 9DW, United Kingdom

Non-UK origin Services:

Please note that equipment returned to us from outside the UK must be supplied with suitable paperwork to allow entry into the UK without Pulsar Instruments being levied with UK Customs Duty. If this is not done and duty has to be paid this will be charged to the customer. 

The paperwork supplied with the instrument must state that the equipment is "UK manufactured goods returned for repair. To be returned to XXX after repair, where XXX is the customer country. 

Why choose Pulsar Instruments for your recalibration and service

  • Accurate calibration of noise and vibration measurement instruments
  • Ensures accuracy and compliance with regulations and standards
  • Quick turnaround times
  • Fixed prices (no hidden extras). Prices include:
    • Firmware updates
    • Performance adjustments
    • Checking on over 100 different parameters
    • New batteries
    • Minor repairs
    • Issue of new valid calibration certificates

Collection service and priority service available on request. 

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