Pulsar Warranty

Your 7 Year Instrument Warranty

Pulsar Instruments 7 year warrantyYour investment in Pulsar Instruments™ branded noise measurement technology is not something that should cause you any worry.

We are so confident in the reliability and strength of our noise monitoring products that we offer a 7-year warranty on all new products purchased after January 2013. 

Within our initial 1-year guarantee, we cover repair to all faults and damage to the instrument, including damage to the microphone capsule.

Pulsar Instruments’ standard 1-year unconditional guarantee can be extended by a further 6 years at no additional cost (to the standard calibration cost); provided the instrument is routinely verified and calibrated by Pulsar Instruments every 12 months.

Our process is simple:

  • If your instrument is covered by an extended warranty, you’re covered for all manufacturing faults on the instrument and any minor damage to the instrument itself. The only exception is the microphone capsule but you can get a replacement microphone at a special, reduced rate.
  • This means that if your equipment is under guarantee, it’s all covered and when it comes back for calibration, we’ll service, repair and calibrate it for one simple, fixed cost.
  • If it’s covered by the extended warranty, the only difference is that damage to the microphone capsule is not covered (but you can get a special, reduced rate for a replacement).

For more information about this warranty please contact your local distributor or Pulsar Instruments plc and we will be pleased to help. Some minor terms & conditions do apply which are available upon request.