Noise Measurement services for workplace noise assessments

Pulsar Instruments™ world-class noise measurement products are ideal for Health and Safety Professionals around the world who want to carry out workplace noise assessments and comply with occupational noise regulations. In addition to our products Pulsar Instruments offers a wide range of services from its offices in the UK. 

Excellent Customer Service and Technical Support

We recognise that service is all about performance and response and we take great pride in providing the best customer service we can so when you contact us in writing, we will always respond to you as quickly as possible and, if you call us, we promise that you will always be able to speak to a 'real' person and not an automated answering system.

We offer a 1-year Instrument Warranty as standard (extendable up to 7 years with annual calibration and servicing), please register your new noise measurement product with us. 

Contact us for information or advice, or to register your new noise measurement product.

Calibration and servicing

Accurate noise meter recalibration is essential – if you don’t recalibrate your noise measurement equipment regularly your noise measurements may not be seen as accurate, reliable or compliant.

Training courses

We offer a one-day Noise Awareness Training Course in locations around the UK. The course is suitable for people new to noise measurement or in need of a refresher.

Noise and vibration meter rental

We have a number of noise measurement instruments available to hire for short or long periods.

Noise and vibration consultancy

Pulsar Instruments is pleased to offer noise and vibration consultancy services in conjunction with our qualified specialists.

Acoustic Glossary

Are you bamboozled by Bels, confused by Calibration, or left-wanting by Weightings? Let our industry guide to acoustic terms and definitions help you.