Software support

Example generated report for noise measurement analysisPulsar Instruments provides a range of noise analysis and reporting software for your noise meters. All our software is developed with our customers in mind for ease of reporting, accessibility and functionality. We include our software as standard on all our noise measurement instruments to allow users to download stored noise measurements to their PC or Laptop for detailed analysis, and then use our custom designed templates to present their results in the most suitable style and format by exporting to Excel or Word or to create effortless noise reports. 

For example our AnalyzerPlus software, supplied as standard with all instruments, enables people to:

  • configure their sound level meters
  • show several days of time history data (instruments with data logging)
  • discover specific noise sources
  • select the correct level of hearing protection (instruments with octave band filters), and
  • create a variety of industrial noise reports.

Download our software

Trouble shooting

contact usUser Manuals are available for download in our downloads library page. Technical trouble shooting guides are available on our software download page using the link above.

To ensure your reporting software is working correctly and you have access to any new features and functions you should download the latest version of the software. 

If you are upgrading the Windows software on your PC you will need to update your drivers to allow your noise measurement instruments to communicate properly with our software. 

If you need support with any software downloads or using the noise measurement software please contact our team.