Sidhil Ltd is a well established manufacturer and supplier of furniture and accessories for the healthcare market.  The company has 7 sites across the UK where fabrication takes place. Samantha Marsden, HR and HS Manager was keen to take control of the noise risk assessment process and undertake noise measurements at a time to suit her requirements. When it came to invest in a new piece of noise measurement equipment, she chose the Pulsar Nova Model 44K professional noise measurement kit. "We were impressed with the product presentation and, clearly, it was the right solution to help us carry our internal audits and comply with the Noise at Work Regulations".

Sidhill Ltd

Chesterfield College of FE has become the first in education to install a noise-activated warning device by Pulsar in their workshops. Paul Lowry, health and safety officer at Chesterfield College, said:  "Until now, we have had to rely on random noise testings in areas such as auto workshops, engineering, silversmith and brick workshops.  But PulsarSafeEar is really simple, accurate and visual.  As soon as noise levels in the workshop goes over the legal limit, the sign flashes on the wall and teachers and students can immediately see they need to wear protection."We see the PulsarSafeEar as a teaching aid for learners.  They plan to pull this device into the lesson to make the point about variable noise and when protection is and isn't needed."  Shaun Smith is a team leader and engineering technician at the college.  He said:  "We have installed two units in our vehicle refinishing shop.  The design is really eye-catching and easy to use.  The students notice when it lights up and they can see how a sharp noise is as damaging as a prolonged sound."

Chesterfield College of FE
Hywel Dda University Health Board

As part of my MSc dissertation in critical care at Cardiff University, I aimed to reduce noise levels on an intensive care unit, to enhance sleep quality and reduce the incidence of delirium. A Pulsar SafeEar Noise Warning Sign was placed within each individual bed space, following the activation of the warning signs, quiet time noise reduced by 3 dBA and night time noise reduced by 4 dBA. This reduction in noise levels also reduced the incidence of delirium by 8.1% from the previous year. These results highlight the importance of these visual prompts to try and remind staff and visitors to reduce noise levels.

I had initial difficulties with the data loggers, which was resolved by a senior member of Pulsar driving over 6 hours to sort the problem…….embarrassingly caused our computer system!!!! The customer care we received from Pulsar was excellent, everybody in the team we spoke to was very professional and helpful and went way and beyond what was expected to resolve our initial 'technical glitch'. Simon, the sales manager was also pivotal in helping me understand the logarithmic decibel scale. 

I can not thank the team at Pulsar enough.

Susie Henwood Hywel Dda University Health Board, ICU Nurse