Medidores de ruido y dosímetros usados

Medidores de ruido, medidores de ruido y calibradores acústicos usados de nuestro stock de medidores de demostración, equipos de alquiler y canjes de clientes. 

Todos los instrumentos se ofrecen en perfecto estado de funcionamiento con un certificado de calibración de 12 meses y tres meses de garantía.

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Used Noise Meters, Dosemeters and Acoustic Calibrators

All our pre-owned, ex-rental and ex-demo noise measurement instruments are treated exactly the same as our new stock so you can have peace of mind that the instruments work perfectly and you can rely on compliant measurements. 

  • Up-to-date calibration certificate: Knowing that your instruments are in full working order when you get them is essential, which is why you'll get an up-to-date calibration certificate with every pre-owned instrument you buy.
  • Fully serviced: As well as being calibrated by our in-house experts, every piece of equipment that leaves our offices is checked thoroughly and fully serviced to ensure it works as if it was built yesterday.

*3 months warranty on Pulsar Instruments™ manufactured products. We make sure other brands are working perfectly when they leave us for you, but unfortunately, we cannot provide a warranty on them.