Bespoke professional kits for noise at work assessments

Find out which combination of noise measurement products is right for your workplace noise assessment needs!

Jul 09, 2013

Safety Professionals can now combine any sound level meters from Pulsar Instruments - including the latest NOVA range - with the revolutionary Pulsar doseBadge system to create their very own noise assessment measurement kit.  Simply, it is the most flexible way to address all types of workplace noise risk assessment.

A sound level meter and a noise dosimeter in one kit to cover all types of assessments

Under current EU Noise Directive, employers are required to assess the risk from noise exposure levels for their workers and visitors. Safety Professionals are required to create a clear report with a prioritised action plan to show how the organisation intends to eliminate or minimise these hazards.  

Measuring noise in the workplace can be achieved effectively by either using a sound level meter or personal noise dosimeter. In some cases, one may be more suited than the other and, by opting for a combination of instruments, safety professionals will cover every occupational application. 

Select the right safety professional noise measurement kit

1.       Sound Level meter

Sound level meters are ideal for quick or in-depth noise level assessments to ensure compliance with regulations, to assess that noise levels are kept in check and to assist with the prescription of hearing protection.

This can be a simple to use sound level meter from the popular Pulsar Assessor range designed specifically for compliance with noise at work regulation, the Pulsar Quantifier range which is perfect for both industrial and environmental applications or the brand new Pulsar Nova range for those looking to use higher specification meters. 

2.       Personal Noise dosimeter

It is worth noting that in some cases, mapping out exact working practices can be difficult.  This is particularly relevant for workers who move from one location to another or work in hard to reach areas.  In this instance, personal dosimetry such as the Pulsar doseBadge is the ideal tool for determining working practices over a long period of time and one that can be used in conjunction with a sound level meter to great effect.

doseBadges accurately assess the daily exposure levels of those at risk. The simplicity of these robust, lightweight and wireless dosimetry units remove any barriers to the assessment of daily personal exposure levels.

3.       Software

Finally, Pulsar software packages that come with the instruments allow you to download your noise measurements and quickly produce a variety of automated yet comprehensive reports. Clear basic measurement, time history information and graphs, automatic hearing protection selection calculations or exposure calculations are just a few button clicks away.


Pulsar Safety Professional kits examples:-

Industrial & Environmental Noise Measurements
Integrating SLM
Industrial Noise Management
High Performance - Advanced Technology for all noise applications
Quantifier Class 1 or 2
+ doseBadge System
Assessor Class 1 or 2
+ doseBadge system
Nova Class 1 or 2
+ doseBadge system


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