Exporting sound measurement solutions to the Southern Hemisphere

Exporting sound measurement solutions : the team at Accurate Instruments New Zealand

Building Export Sales in the Southern Hemisphere

Simon Rehill, General Manager of Pulsar Instruments - a designer, manufacturer and supplier of world-leading occupational sound measurement solutions for 50 years - has been travelling the southern hemisphere recently catching up with some of our reputable Sales Partners in the Antipodes and South Africa. During his trip, he met with our partners SKC in South Africa, Accurate in New Zealand and Acoustic Research Labs in Australia.

Simon, who started out with Pulsar as Export Sales Manager, said: "I primarily joined Pulsar to help support our international distributor network and our growing worldwide business, it's great to put this into practice by visiting as many of our overseas partners as possible." 

"I'm dedicated to growing our global distribution network and helping our export partners find the right markets for our noise meters, dosemeters and other sound measurement solutions" he said, "We believe the right way to do this is to train them in how to use our products face to face so they can truly understand the potential that they offer customers in their markets" Simon added.

Whilst in Australia Simon was also able to meet with a new potential Sales Partner in Brisbane, and train them in the products and to discover opportunities to work together in the future to further grow our export business in Australia. "We recognise, that our global network of sales partners plays a crucial role in the growth or our business and we are always looking for opportunities to work with companies around the world."

Last year, Simon was also able to visit our sales partners in East Asia including Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore, and also several of our European distributors with more visits planned for latest this year.

Ambitious Plans

Exporting sound measurement solutions around the world for 50 yearsPulsar Instruments is a world-leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of noise products such as occupational sound level meters, personal noise dosemeters and noise-activated warning signs. The company was formed in 1969 and since then has enjoyed continued growth for its noise products both in the UK and internationally.  

Pulsar currently supplies thousands of noise measurement instruments to around the world; across Asia, Africa, Australasia, Europe and North and South America, as as our global business continues to grow we are actively seeking new ambitious partners. We give our partners access to our range of innovative, world-leading noise products, and provide plenty of marketing and training support to them so they can grow their business, enhance their reputations and become the best supplier of noise measurement instruments available in their territories. We build strong effective relationships with our partners to ensure our customers receive the first class service and support they expect from Pulsar Instruments.

Find out more about joining our growing distributor network please contact Simon for more information. Tel: +44 1723 518 011

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