Cyber Security Update

Cyber Security Update – Important Message From Pulsar Instruments.

keyboardYou may have seen recently in the media stories regarding the use of emails that have been obtained fraudulently and that are being used in large-scale phishing activities.

Criminals have always distributed fraudulent emails in large quantities in the hope that they can get more information, either through infecting PC’s with malware or by getting a reply or unsubscribe request, that they can then sell on or use for other criminal activities.

These messages can often try to impersonate a number of brands, including Pulsar Instruments plc, and are designed to trick you into opening attachments which will infect your PC with Malware.

Vigilance is key

At Pulsar Instruments plc, we have seen an increase in the volume of spam or junk emails being sent to us and we have recently updated our cyber security systems and policies to manage this.

Please be reminded that Pulsar Instruments will only send invoices & other documents as PDF attachments, and never as an embedded link.

Please be very wary of all emails that seem suspicious.  If you receive an email purporting to be from Pulsar Instruments, which seems unusual in any way, please do not click on any link, and contact us via phone on 01723 518011 if you are unsure of its authenticity.

With thanks

Pulsar Instruments Plc