How to Protect Your Employees Hearing

Employers are warned of the dangers of hearing damage due to excessive noise levels, learn How to Protect Your Employees

May 26, 2011

Sound Measurement equipment manufacturer, Pulsar Instruments Plc are warning employers of the dangers of hearing damage due to excessive noise levels or impulse noise in the workplace.  The company has recently launched their improved doseBadge system to ensure compliance with the EU Physical Agents (Noise) Directive.

The revolutionary doseBadge is a self-contained noise measurement device that has no cables, displays or controls, making it the ideal solution for capturing the reality of the wearers' daily noise exposure levels.

The new Pulsar doseBadge kit now includes a new ‘fast charge' function on the updated charger unit, meaning the badges can be fully charged and ready to use in as little as three hours.   This represents real savings in terms of time and money.

The kit is extremely robust and simple to use. This system is perfect for both professionals who are new to noise measurement and also those who have established that dosimetry is their preferred method of compliance with the Noise at Work regulations.   The dBLink software that is supplied as standard with the kit allows users to quickly and easily analyse and transform data into informative report formats.

Sarah Brack of Pulsar Instruments says; ‘Our doseBadge System is perfect for the busy Health & Safety manager, who has limited time for noise measurement. The doseBadge can be started at the beginning of a shift and stopped at the end. Measurement data can then be downloaded for analysis from the Reader Unit when it's convenient. It really is that simple.'  The company offers Noise Awareness training courses to support existing and new users with the use of their instrumentation.

For more information on the Pulsar doseBadge or discuss your training requirements, phone 01723 518011 or email