Latest noise measurement kit for HSE professionals launched

noise measurement kit releasedPulsar Instruments have introduced their latest noise measurement kit for HSE professionals. This consists of a durable metallic case designed to provide an all-encompassing solution for the measurement of both industrial noise and individual noise exposure at work.

The newly launched Pulsar NoisePen personal noise dosemeter can now be combined with Pulsar sound level meters such as from the popular Nova range to provide a complete HSE professionals’ noise measurement kit.   The kit can be customised to individual requirements and can include up to five NoisePens, a sound level meter and its acoustic calibrator.

Latest noise measurement kit released

Safety professionals can select their preferred Nova sound level meter ranging from the most basic entry level meters, data logging occupational sound level meters to the most advanced models with octave band analysis used for complex noise monitoring.  HSE professionals seeking to undertake comprehensive noise at work surveys are likely to opt for the Nova Model 44 integrating, averaging sound level meter with data logging option combined with a number of NoisePen personal noise dosemeters. The NoisePen is a brand new monitoring device worn by operatives on the upper body during an entire shift used to capture workers’ total noise exposure to check compliance with applicable regulations.  It is ideal for lone workers, shift workers or those employed in confined spaces where the use of a sound level meter hand carried or mounted on a tripod would not be practical.

Complete solution to conduct in-depth noise surveys

The latest Pulsar noise measurement kit for HSE professionals is supplied complete with a sound level meter, windshield, acoustic calibrator, NoisePen(s) batteries, cables, user manuals and reporting and analysis software. Software upgrades are made available on a regular basis via automatic download when the instruments are plugged in to the internet.  This particular combination of noise monitoring equipment will be useful for those who wish to generate a comprehensive noise map of a particular workplace to identify and understand a range of noise problems.

The new noise measurement kit for HSE professionals is backed up by Pulsar’s initial 24 months warranty which can be extended up to 7 years providing that the equipment is returned to Pulsar Instruments in the UK for its annual service.

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