Noise Awareness and Noise Management training

noise awareness trainingEmployers have a legal responsibility to ensure the health and safety of their workers whilst at work. Business owners, managers and team leaders have a clear duty placed on them to implement and maintain the relevant procedures.  As such, being able to show attendance to some noise awareness and noise management training would be advantageous.

Pulsar Instruments have put together a day course to help professionals understand key issues relating to the legislation, measurement and control of noise in their workplace.  The course is also suitable as a ‘refresher course’ for customers who may not have used their noise measuring equipment for some time and are thinking of conducting noise measurements at work in the near future.

Who should attend Pulsar Noise Awareness and Noise Management training?

This course is suitable for anyone who has responsibility for planning, implementing and managing the health and safety procedures in the workplace, including employers, business owners, health and safety managers, officers, supervisors and team leaders.

The course requires no pre-requisite training however, an active interest and involvement in workplace noise measurement and the Control of Noise at Work Regulations (2005) is advised.

Aims and objectives

  • Determine whether you have a noise problem in your workplace and identify who is at risk
  • Learn how to comply with the Controlling Noise at Work Regulations (2005)
  • Establish what you need to measure as part of a noise risk assessment
  • Find out how to apply noise measurements to the action levels and legal limits
  • Take action if any of the levels and limits as stipulated under the regulations are exceed

Course overview

The course is divided into 10 parts.  It is made easy to follow by the course tutor who will take you through the content by relating to his own noise management experiences a practising noise consultant.  Participants are encouraged to relate their own experience to the group to promote a stimulating discussion.

  • Basic noise theory
  • Noise units and Terminology
  • The EU Physical Agents (Noise) Directive
  • Noise control basics
  • How to measure noise
  • Using sound level meters and personal noise dosemeters
  • Recording information and reporting noise measurements
  • BS4142 industry standard overview
  • Practical workshops
  • Worked examples and open discussion


A short multi-choice questions test will be conducted at the end of the day on completion of the course.  The answers are marked by the course tutor on the day so you will know how well you have done!


On successful completion of the course, you will be handed out a certificate of completion and attendance. This can be used to provide additional evidence for compliance and audit.

Forthcoming Noise Awareness and Noise Management training date

  • Wednesday 8th March 2017 – National Railway Museum in York, UK
  • Wednesday 14th June 2017 – National Space Centre in Leicester, UK
  • Wednesday 20th September 2017 – National Railway Museum in York, UK

Interested parties are invited to ring the team at Pulsar Instruments Plc on 01723 518011 for more details or visit the company website.

Send your initial enquiries by using our contact button on our website.