Noise Meter Hire & Noise Dosemeter Rental

Now our noise meter hire is easier!

We understand that cost can be a major factor for small businesses that need to conduct noise assessments, and this is why we offer weekly noise meter hire to our customers. In fact, Pulsar Instruments offers a wide range of measurement solutions for hire to meet our customers' needs including: sound level meters, outdoor noise measurement kits, as well as occupational noise dosemeters.

All of our solutions are easy to use, regularly serviced, well-maintained and compliant with international measurement standards so you can rest assured that your noise or hand-arm vibration measurements will be compliant with noise measurement legislation. Included in the rental is access to our license-free analysis software, so you can even produce your reports at the click of a button. 

noise meter hire and noise dosemeter rentalNoise Meter Hire and Noise Dosemeter Rental

Measure noise at work compliantly with our Pulsar Nova sound level meters and noise dosimeters

  • High-performance Class 1 Meter: Our Class 1 sound meter with 1:1 Octave Bands offers everything you need for comprehensive noise measurement and analysis. It's simple to use, robust and compliant with Noise Regulations.
    Vibration Meters
  • Noise at Work Class 2 Meter: Compliant Class 2 noise meter for measuring noise at work.  This simple to use data logging meter provides everything you will need for measuring noise levels and hearing protection selection.
  • Personal Noise Dosemeters: Our Model 22 noise dosimeter system provides an innovative and practical solution for measuring occupational noise over an entire working day or shift.

Hand Arm Vibration Meter Hire

Our simple to use hand-arm vibration meters and software will make sure you can protect your workers from the effects of power tools

  • The Pulsar vB is the only meter you will need to measure the hand-arm vibration of power tools to start protecting your workers from Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome. It's easy to use, takes all the essential measurements and offers a simple way to report and store the information for your tools.

Outdoor environmental noise measurement kit hire

Need to monitor noise for a longer period or to take measurements outside? The this robust weatherproof kit is for you. 

  • The Nova outdoor rental kit consists of a Nova Sound Level Meter (choose Class 1 or Class 2) with weatherproof carrying case, power supply, outdoor microphone, tripod and other accessories.                                
    Robust, weatherproof and dustproof this kit can be used anywhere for 24/7 noise measurement.
  • Outdoor kits also include rental of a tripod.

What's included?

  • Rental instrument
  • Analysis software
  • Acoustic calibrator (sound Level Meters and Dosemeters only)
  • Portable carrying case
  • Certificate of calibration
  • User Manual and batteries
  • Delivery and collection
  • Contact us for more information

All our rental prices include return shipping!

Find out more about the instruments we offer and pricing or contact us directly with your preferred dates.