Noise Meter Outdoor Kit to protect your Sound Level Meter

The efficient way to convert your handheld units into either short term or long term semi-permanent noise monitors

Sep 27, 2011

Environmental noise monitoring usually takes place outside and the sound level meter is therefore subjected to various weather conditions.  Rain or even heavy fog can make using a normal sound level meter outside for long periods impractical as moisture can damage the microphone capsule and, in extreme conditions, the instrument itself.

Some applications require the user to measure for perhaps a few hours, half a day or overnight to get adequate data to monitor a noise issue, while other applications require longer term measurements on a semi-permanent basis. 

Pulsar offer options for both short-term and longer-term monitoring with its Model WK1 ‘short term' and Model WK2 ‘long term' kits.

These outdoor kits contain a weather-proof case to house the sound level meter, acoustic calibrator and rechargeable power source.

Model Pulsar WK1 Short term outdoor Kit

  • For measurements that are for relatively short periods i.e. up to a day or overnight.
  • Pre-amplifier and microphone from the sound level meter itself are fitted within the ‘waterproof' mounting system complete with wind-shield and bird-spikes thus reducing the cost.
  • The windshield system provides protection from the elements whilst the bird-spikes are needed to avoid birds perching on the windshield and affecting your noise measurements. This unit is then mounted on a standard camera tripod (included as standard).
  • The 10 metre cable coming from the microphone assembly is connected to the extremely robust weather proof carry case which protects the instrument, power supply and accessories.

Model Pulsar WK2 Long Term Outdoor Kit

  • 'Hard wired' or GSM communication optional for remote monitoring and download to the Model 33 or Model 33-2 Pulsar sound level meters using the Acoustic Toolbox software supplied.
  • Ideal solution for more demanding outdoor noise measurement and monitoring applications.
  • Consists of a weather proof carrying case for the instrument, power supply and accessories which is linked via a heavy duty 10 metre cable to a full outdoor microphone system (other lengths available upon request)
  • The full outdoor microphone system consists of an integral tripod and microphone assembly which hermetically seals the pre-amplifier and associated circuitry. This is to prevent humidity affecting the circuitry and introducing impedance and therefore measurement errors, so the WK2 systems will work in conditions of up to 99% humidity to full performance.

Why investing in a Pulsar Noise Meter Outdoor kit makes sense:

  • Very robust Weather proof Carrying Case (lockable)
  • Cost effective
  • WK1 for shorter measurements
  • Heavy duty WK2 for longer term measurements
  • Bird spikes to protect the windshield
  • Rechargeable power pack which lasts up to 5 days
  • Complete weather proofed outdoor microphone system with WK2
  • GSM option available with WK2 for Model 33

To find out more how to protect your sound level meter with a Pulsar Outdoor Meter kit, please contact the team on +44 723 518011