Noise monitoring technology helps entertainment venue

Noise Monitoring technology at music venueWhen First Direct Arena opened in Leeds, UK a few years ago, they needed the perfect instrument to ensure that noise levels were kept within the UK’s health & safety regulations, whilst ensuring the best acoustic and entertainment experience for the audience. It was fitting then that a prestigious venue such as First Direct Arena would invest in the latest noise monitoring technology from local designer and manufacturer, Pulsar Instruments. Based in North Yorkshire, Pulsar are established experts when it comes to working with safety experts to identify the right noise measurement system for their industry.

First Direct Arena opted for the top model from the latest range of powerful sound level meters on the market appropriately named Pulsar Nova, meaning ‘new star’. This meter is perfectly suited for applications such as occupational and environmental noise monitoring in large concert venues where precise noise and impact assessments are required by Law and noise levels must be kept at the right level for all involved.

Perfectly adapted for large entertainment venues

noise monitoring technology - the Pulsar NovaThe Nova has now become an integral part of any show’s success at the popular venue. It makes the task of taking samples or noise measurements very easy which can be achieved in 3 easy steps: switch the meter on, calibrate and start measuring. Key measurements tend to be taken in different locations and repeated at regular intervals either manually or via the repeat function provided by the instrument and left running on a tripod for up to 8 hours if needed.

Noise measurements are then downloaded and exported instantly onto a PC using its reporting software. All the Pulsar Nova meters are fitted with the latest OLED (organic light emitting diode) technology for an outstanding visual reading and with illuminated elastomere keypads, thus allowing function keys and data to be seen in all conditions which is ideal for venues where safety staff work without much lighting.

Staff at First Direct Arena have received technical support and advice from Pulsar since they received their first Nova meter ensuring that their brand new noise measurement kit was fully maximised. Sarah Brack Managing Director for Pulsar Instruments said: ‘We are delighted that such a fantastic venue in our region made the Pulsar Nova their first choice when it came to invest in a noise measurement kit. We are proud that Nova sound level meters are associated with such a prestigious venue and such big names in the music industry’.

Let us demonstrate how this sound level meter can help you

After reading this post, you may decide that you would like to see this meter in action. You can request a demonstration of the Nova sound level meter by ringing 01723 518011 and an engineer will be happy to show the ease of use and the many benefits this instrument will offer you.  Please contact us for more information. Sign up for updates on occupational noise measurement or news on latest products on our contact page too.