Outstanding Outdoor Environmental Noise Measurement

The Nova Outdoor Noise Measurement Kit - 24/7 Environmental noise measurement

Outstanding Outdoor Environmental Noise MeasurementWe often get asked about continuous mid- and long-term environmental noise measurement for outdoor sites such as construction sites, outdoor entertainment venues, and for boundary noise assessments. Whilst we have provided several incarnations of outdoor kits which turn our handheld sound level meters into outdoor noise monitors for many years we are pleased to announce the arrival of our newest solution - the WK3-N Outdoor Noise Kit designed especially for use with our Nova Range of Sound Level Meters.

The Pulsar Nova Models 45 (Class 1) and 46 (Class 2) sound level meters* are the ideal meters for environmental noise measurement as they include data logging and octave band filters among a host of other features. The addition of the WK3-N Nova Outdoor Noise Kit quickly transforms them into versatile outdoor noise monitoring meters by offering everything you need to measure noise outside in any weather. The long internal battery life of the Nova (up to 30 hours) is further complemented by the addition of up to two external rechargeable batteries meaning you can expect to have continuous 24/7 noise monitoring in place for at least 14 days** (depending on climatic conditions).

Typical applications for the WK3-N outdoor kit include:

The Nova Outdoor Noise Monitoring Kit: there 24/7 so you don't have to be!

Outstanding Outdoor Environmental Noise MeasurementThe WK3-N kit is intended for measurements that are mid- to long-term in nature, and for providing a cost-effective solution for more demanding outdoor noise measurement and monitoring applications.

The robust lockable weatherproof carrying case quickly converts the Nova into an environmental noise monitor for 24/7 continuous noise measurements for up to 14 days at a time**. The case and hermetically sealed microphone system provide protection from wet weather, high humidity, dust, construction site risks and other environmental conditions. The bird spike also protects the windshield from bird and other life. So there is nothing to impede the full performance of the sound level meter no matter what the conditions.

The kit comes with a light-weight but very strong tripod. The tripod can be fixed at various heights up to 1.6 meters, and the adjustable legs mean that it is steady on rough and uneven ground. A hook in the centre of the tripod can be weighted down or attached or permanent fixtures for added security in high winds.

*Note: Pulsar Nova Sound Level Meters are not included and should be purchased separately.

** 14 days is the expected duration of monitoring using two batteries. If only one battery is used at a time then 7 days continuous noise measurement is possible.

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