Sound Measurement Software - Pulsar AnalyzerPlus Software Update

sound measurement softwarePulsar Instruments' AnalyzerPlus Software has changed. Following our customers feedback we’ve completely overhauled our licence free sound measurement software to give users a quick and simple way to download and analyse their noise data.

For many customers, the most difficult thing about measurement is producing a compliant report, so our new software offers them a straight-forward way to view, analyse and quickly create simple sound measurement reports.

AnalyzerPlus is provided as standard with our Pulsar Nova range and our noise dosemeters. Even better customers using some of our older instruments will also be able to upgrade to using it too.

The AnalyzerPlus Software is the perfect addition to our range of noise measurement instruments. The software will automatically replace the current version from January 2019 but you can download the new software today (Note: it will overwrite and replace your existing software): Download your software today.*

Simple to use with powerful features

  • Download, store and organise measurement data
  • Multilingual on-screen menus and prompts
  • Quickly review measurements with the summary screen overview
  • Produce measurement reports for any available data with custom cover sheets
  • Export data, graphs and audio for use in other programs
  • Replay recorded Audio Notes and in-measurement audio recordings
  • Analyse measurements data and reprocess data with the Periodic Calculator
  • Tag measurements to people, places or projects
  • Select hearing protection using the built-in database (users can also update the list themselves)
  • Share data between different PC's & locations
  • Configure & transfer settings between instruments
  • Backup and archive noise measurement data
  • Fully compatible with all versions of Windows 7, 8 & 10

AnalyzerPlus saves You Time & Money

  • Supplied Licence Free as standard with the Pulsar Nova range and all of our personal noise dosemeters.
  • Install the software on as many PC's or laptops as you like for free!
  • Download the latest version, free of charge, from Pulsar Instruments’ website
  • Simple deployment for multiple users with detailed documentation for Admins

You can download updates free of charge from Pulsar Instruments’ website. Where access rights permit, AnalyzerPlus sound measurement software will automatically search for, download and install updates as they become available.

*Please note: Downloading the new version of AnalyserPlus will overwrite the existing version on your computer.