Pulsar Instruments Top 10 blogs of 2016

Safeguard your employees hearingIn keeping with our annual-ish tradition, we are publishing our 2016 ranking of the 10 most popular Pulsar Instruments’ blogs.

Here is how we have made our selection:

we looked at followers and engagement on our Twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts as well as our website traffic.   After crunching the numbers, here are below the top ten results.

Do have another read if you have missed any of them in the first place! We trust that you will find them of interest.  Simply click on the hyperlink of your choice below to open the blog.

Pulsar Instruments – Top 10 blogs of 2016

1. New personal noise dosemeter launched today

Pulsar launched a brand new noise dosemeter, the Pulsar NoisePen, in June this year aimed at lone workers. New shape, added functionalities and great reporting software.

2. New-look website launched

After many months of hard work, we launched our newly redesigned website in April this year.

3. Noise at Work Regulations – 10 years in 10 facts

The Regulations that are so central to everything that we do turned 10 years in April this year.  Still very much relevant and a key component to our communication strategy.

4. Could you prove noise levels are within legal limits?

Another chance to revisit the noise legislation, the recommended noise action levels and exposure limits in the workplace.

5. Why you should use a windshield with your sound level meter

One of the many ways of looking after your sound level meter in a busy and often dusty work environment.

6. Why buy Pulsar Instruments?

Top reasons to opt for a trusted brand such as Pulsar Instruments and a leading manufacturer of noise measurement products since 1969.

7. Benefits of safeguarding hearing

Why looking after workers’ hearing throughout their employment makes business sense for all involved.

8. Understanding the 3dB rule

Another chance to read this blog and understand the importance of the 3dB rule when undertaking noise measurements.

9. Controlling exposure to noise with a personal noise dosemeter

Looking at the various tools available to professionals to measure exposure to noise at work.

10. 80-85 and 87dB: why these values matter?

The 3 values that any safety manager should have at the back of their minds when implementing a noise safe strategy.

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