Pulsar Instruments to supply noise measurement equipment to Cyprus Police Force

Read how Pulsar will assist the Police in meeting current environmental noise standards.

Pulsar Instruments plc, the UK-based leading manufacturer of noise at work monitoring equipment, today announced that it has won a contract to supply hand-held noise measurement products to the Cyprus police department. 

This order which was won via Pulsar's representative in Cyprus, Fava Auto Techniques, will assist the Police in meeting current environmental noise standards with the view to control noise levels from vehicles.

As well as the competitive price, decisive factors in the selection of Pulsar Instruments by Cyprus Police force were the reputation of the products, their ease of use and reliability. Knowledge, expertise and experience were also key factors in the process.

"Pulsar have been supplying compliant and robust noise monitoring meters for well over 43 years to the health and safety community around the world.  Cyprus Police is the latest organisation to purchase Pulsar meters to meet noise level requirements.

The force will benefit from UK research and development skills and the knowledge that Pulsar is a respected brand said John Hughes, International Sales Manager for Pulsar".

Vasos Panyiotou, Operations Manager at FAVA commented: ‘the Cyprus police force already uses Pulsar sound meters.  They are happy with the quality of the instruments and with the service they get from FAVA and, as such, they have decided to stay with Pulsar and FAVA as shown from this order'.

About Pulsar:

Pulsar Instruments has well over 30 distributors around the world and currently employs 9 people. Pulsar Instruments and its distributors deliver noise control measurement solutions to businesses in industries such as transportation, construction, public services, emergency services and many more.

For more information on Pulsar sound level meters, noise dosimeters and noise activated warning systems, please visit www.pulsarinstruments.com