Quality Robust Noise Measurement Solutions

Why safety professionals should invest in a quality robust noise meter solution to meet their noise monitoring needs.

With over 42 years' experience in the noise measurement at work sector, Pulsar Instruments plc continue to deliver compliant, common-sense and practical solutions to meet industrial, environmental and other noise measurement applications.

The Yorkshire-based company prides itself on the quality, robustness and ease of use of its instruments and also their dynamic range of cost-effective sound level meters and noise dosemeters.  The Pulsar noise product range offer the ideal solution for industrial noise at work, environmental and general noise measurement.  The range of high performance instruments available from Pulsar will appeal to users requiring affordable, simple to use meters whilst complying with International Standards.

Pulsar is a strong global player thanks to its extensive world-wide distribution network but retains a strong presence in the UK with a growing customer base.

The company is fast becoming a leading provider of Noise Awareness training courses.  It offers existing and potential customers an ideal opportunity to buy from a reputable UK manufacturer and also to benefit from expert training on how to fully utilise the investment made in the purchase of noise measurement equipment.

Pulsar's prime objective remains to provide the end user with a meter that does exactly what is required to perform a fully compliant noise survey.

There is an instrument within the Pulsar range to suit most applications and budgets.

For further information on the Pulsar range of products, training courses and current special offers, please contact the Pulsar team.