Hearing loss prevention - Safe Ear's Resolution for 2018!

Make hearing loss prevention your New Year’s Resolution

Hearing loss preventionAs thousands of people start to think about their New Year’s Resolutions for 2018, you can guarantee that most of them will be related to the area of life people most want to improve on. In fact, over 70% of New Year’s Resolutions will be health-based. However, we doubt that many people will include looking after their ear-health or making a resolution on hearing loss prevention. But they should.

Exposure to excessive noise can cause hearing loss or damage to one degree or another. And repeated exposure, in the workplace for instance, can cause permanent hearing loss known as Noise Induced Hearing Loss.

Most people will have experienced temporary loss of hearing, or the discomfort of tinnitus or buzzing in their ears after visiting concerts or noisy bars or clubs, but may not be aware that permanent loss can occur if the noise level is so high it damages the conducting bones or ear drums.

Imagine if this exposure to noise meant you’d never again hear your favourite sounds, the new year rung in, a loved one saying they love you, or the celebrations when your team scores.

Imagine if, you as an employer, are responsible for this. So how about instead of New Year’s Resolutions, we all make Safe Ears Resolutions for 2018, to safeguard our and our employees hearing.

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