Occupational Noise Monitors

occupational noise monitorsAdvances in electronics and acoustics have transformed cumbersome, limiting and often complex meters into dependable, robust and easy to use occupational noise monitors to ensure compliance with the Control of Noise at Work Regulations (2005).

Pulsar Instruments offer complete noise monitoring solutions for use in factories, workshops, warehouses, construction and demolition sites, transport, emergency services and education sectors to name a few.
As a manufacturer and global reseller of precision instrumentation, and thanks to robust quality standards and after sales support, Pulsar can ensure a long lasting and cost-effective solution for any workplace noise measurement project.

Great selection of occupational noise monitors

Pulsar offer a broad portfolio that covers most noise measurement requirements ranging from:
1. Entry level sound level meters for basic noise surveys and spot checks
2. Simple to use professional sound level meters for testing and recording noise levels indoors and outdoors.
3. Integrating, averaging sound level meters for industrial, occupational & environmental noise assessments and surveys.
4. Wearable badges to capture noise exposure levels of mobile or lone workers.
5. Low cost wall-mounted flashing alert systems to warn staff and visitors when pre-set noise levels become too high.
6. Environmental noise monitors with robust short or medium term weatherproof carry cases.
7. Safety Professional Systems combining sound level meters and personal noise dosemeters to cover all eventualities when conducting occupational noise risk assessments.
8. Professional awareness courses to support new and existing clients to learn how to use their new equipment and brush up on the current legislation.

The importance of choosing well

The most suitable occupational noise monitors should be selected based on the work environment, the mix of workers, exposure levels, the type of work processes that take place and tools used such as cartridge tools, hammers or stone chisels.

Learning the facts

A good grasp of the Control of Noise at Work Regulations should be gained also by anyone who suspects that they have a noise problem at work. Too many business owners still fail to prioritise and take steps to reduce noise exposure even though the current Regulations came into force ten years ago.  It makes good business sense to safeguard your workers’ hearing – especially in challenging economic times.  Compensation payments in case of proven liability for loss of hearing at work can be substantial and can have a crippling effect on some businesses.  For the smaller firms, it could mean the end of business entirely.  It is important to remember that not all costs can be recovered from your insurer, for example:

  • Sick pay
  • Lost time
  • Overtime working and temporary staff
  • Insurance investigation time
  • Legal costs
  • Loss of business reputation

Reduce workplace injuries and limit business costs

The best way to avoid exposure to any such financial consequence is to reduce the risk of harm from noise happening in the first place.  For this, you will need to implement a robust hearing conservation strategy and control noise effectively. Whilst the law around the control of noise at work may appear overwhelming at first there are ways to to make this a less complicated task.

We have created a short guide for safety professional and employers around the basics of the Control of Noise at Work (2005).

Download your FREE copy here.

For a hands-on approach to the legislation, noise controls and measurements, professional advice is available from specialists such as Pulsar Instruments who can help you ensure that you implement appropriate controls and have the correct monitoring equipment to prevent loss of hearing.

Specialist advice from industry experts

Pulsar supply a numerous of noisy industries with specialist noise measurement instrumentation and expert advice on compliance with the noise legislation. Read testimonials here.

Place your trust in custom solutions from industry experts in noise at work measurement products. For more information on sound level meters and personal noise dosemeters, contact our team today on 01723 518011 / sales@pulsarinstruments.com

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