Sound meters to measure workplace noise

It's all about experience!

Pulsar Instruments plc, a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-performance noise measurement equipment, is now offering a full range of sound meters to suit most applications including workplace noise. 

Taking noise measurements couldn't be easier.  All Pulsar Instruments sound meters are affordable, simple to use and effective whilst complying with national standards.   The name Pulsar Instruments is synonymous with reliability and quality and, with 50 years' experience in the field of acoustics, users can be assured of a sound investment when buying a Pulsar noise meter.

Pulsar Sound Level Meters allow users to make a representative measurement for each job function and establish the exposure levels of noise.  Users can choose from simple meters such as the Assessor Series - ideal for Occupational Noise - to more sophisticated data logging Sound Level Meters such as the Quantifier range which provide 1:1 & 1:3 Band Octave Filters. These meters are ideal for industrial, general and environmental noise monitoring.

At the top of the range, Pulsar also retails a series of Real Time Analyser Sound Level Meters with Octave Band Analysis designed for more detailed and complex noise measurements in the workplace.

A measurement kit is available for all sound level meters to purchase, containing everything required to carry out a risk assessment in one place and easily accessible.

On occasions, users may not be in a position to measure the noise with a Sound Level Meter because it is not practical or safe, mainly for people who work on sites or for individuals with complex work patterns. This is when a Noise Dosimeter is the best way of getting a noise dose reading.  Pulsar's revolutionary doseBadge system is a self-contained noise measurement device that has no cables, displays or controls, making it the ideal solution for capturing the reality of the wearer's daily noise exposure levels.

The doseBadge kit is extremely robust and simple to use. This system is perfect for both professionals who are new to noise measurement and also those who have established that dosimetry is their preferred method of compliance with the Noise at Work regulations.   The dBLink software that is supplied as standard with the kit allows users to quickly and easily analyse and transform data into informative report formats.

Pulsar Instruments also offer a comprehensive in-house recalibration service which provides users with additional peace of mind and extends the warranty of each Pulsar unit if returned annually for this service.

Alternatively, please contact our team on +44 (0)1723 518011 or email to discuss your specific workplace noise measurement requirements.