Weatherproof noise activated warning signs

One of our most popular noise warning products, the Pulsar SafeEar, has now been reinvented to be weatherproof! This new SafeEar IP65 Weatherproof Noise Activated Warning Sign works just like the original sign in that it lights up when a pre-set noise level is reached to warn workers and visitors when they need to put on their hearing protection or when noise levels need to be kept down

Simon Rehill, General Manager of Pulsar Instruments says "This is an exciting development for an already popular product. This model has been specially designed to be IP65 rated and we know a great many customers will be interested in this, particularly those working outside in construction and maintenance areas.

The signs use high-intensity white LED technology to make themselves visible to workers and visitors, and light up when a pre-set trigger level is reached. The user is able to set this trigger level themselves anywhere between 40dB(A) and 114dB(A) - equating from a very quiet environment to heavy industrial noise. "Most people set them at 80dB(A) as this is the level where hearing protection should be worn. The user can also set a delay of 30 seconds after the noise has dropped for the sign to return to normal - this is when workers know they are safe to remove their hearing PPE." Said Simon. 

Weatherproof noise activated warning signs

Not just for noisy workplaces!

The sign is not just for noisy areas though, in fact, Simon continues "These signs are also ideal for use when you want people to keep noise levels down. For example, they can also be used outside entertainment venues, night clubs and public houses to help reduce the risk of noise complaints by alerting people leaving the premises they are being noisy."

Not just for outdoors!

As the signs are IP65* rated they don't have to just be used outdoors either, Pulsar envisages they might also be popular in areas where water might often be present or places that undergo high levels of cleaning such as industrial kitchens and hospitals.

How to buy them

The SafeEar IP65 Weatherproof Noise Activated Warning Sign is available to buy online through Pulsar Instruments' website. Alternatively we can provide quotes and pro forma invoices to those companies wishing to pay off line.

Key features

  • Lights up to warn of high noise levels
  • Control the decibel trigger level yourself
  • IP65 rated (for dust and low-pressure water jets)
  • Quick and simple to install
  • Available for with standard warning messages
  • Available in different languages.

Suitable applications

  • Outside business premises and construction sites
  • In environments where water or liquid may be present or high levels of cleaning occurs 
  • Outside public houses and entertainment venues.

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