Noise Measurement Kit Combo

Pulsar’s Latest Noise at Work Measurement Kit: unique offer not to be missed.

Pulsar Instruments are offering a unique noise measurement kit enabling safety and health professionals in the UK to identify work locations or work practices that generate harmful noise levels and then put a permanent noise-activated warning sign in place. By doing this, companies can safeguard their employees against sudden and long term loss of hearing.

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We've put together a combination of our best-selling noise measurement products and popular services into a noise measurement kit, saving you a massive £500*.

This kit offer comprises of a:

  • Pulsar Nova Model 44 Class 2 professional sound level meter for Noise at Work measurements and its accessories (acoustic calibrator, windshield, batteries, hard kit case, calibration certificates and reporting software).
  • Pulsar SafeEar wall-mounted noise-activated early warning system which flashes a very bright safety icon and clear warning message visible to staff and visitors when harmful noise levels are reached and exceeded.
  • Place for one person on a Pulsar Noise at Work Awareness face-to-face course held at one of the venues in the UK as advertised during the year.
  • 15% discount on the Pulsar Nova Model 44 sound level meter’s first service and recalibration; which will extend the warranty on your instrument by 1 year.

Don't miss this unique offer.

*This offer saves you £500 from buying the items separately.


Our outstanding download, analysis and reporting software package is included as standard in this noise measurement kit.

The Kit also includes:

  • Model 106 (Class 2) Acoustic Calibrator
  • WS90 Windshield
  • K4 Hard Kit Case
  • Wrist Strap
  • AA batteries
  • Calibration Certificates for the sound level meter and acoustic calibrator and user manual
  • Pulsar ‘AnalyzerPlus’ download, analysis and reporting software (with data logging variants only)
  • USB small download cable (with data logging variants only)
  • A lightweight short term outdoor kit can be supplied for the Nova sound level meters as an additional option.  
  • The Pulsar Nova range of sound level meters can be supplied with a number of input and output cables.  

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