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Download our noise measurement software and hand-arm vibration measurement reporting and analysis software together with other supporting information and guides.

Frequently downloaded software

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If you need support with any software downloads or using the noise measurement software please contact our team.

Frequently downloaded software

NEW Pulsar AnalyzerPlus reporting and analysis software
We've made some amazing changes to the software meaning that you can more easily manage and report your noise measurements in the future.
Customers can now download this NEW Pulsar AnalyzerPlus software (version 2.0 and above) here for use with:
  • Pulsar Nova range of sound level meters
  • Pulsar Model 26 NoisePen personal noise dosemeter
  • Pulsar Model 22 personal noise dosemeter/ doseBadge
Check the PC System Requirements needed to run AnalyzerPlus.

Please note downloading this version will automatically replace and update any previous version of AnalyzerPlus on your computer [This software is NOT FOR USE with Quantifier, Assessor, Model 30/33 sound level meters - download Pulsar Analyser instead]

Pulsar SafeEar Software
Pulsar SafeEar Software for use with:
  • Pulsar SafeEar noise-activated warning system

PulsarSafeEar (Zip file 27MB)

Download the .zip file. Unzip, and then run the PulsarSafeEarSetup Application file.

Download the Guide to Manual Driver Installation of the SafeEar Driver - necessary for some windows systems updates.

Pulsar vBPlusLite Hand-Arm Vibration Analysis and Reporting Software
Software for analysing your hand-arm vibration magnitude data.
  • Only compatible with the Pulsar vB Hand-Arm Vibration Meter.

Pulsar vB Lite (.exe file 19MB)

Download the .exe file. Then run the Application file. 

Other noise measurement software

Acoustic Toolbox Analysis and Reporting Software
For use with:
  • Pulsar Model 33 Real-Time Analyser sound level meter
Software compatibility: This software is compatible on operating systems from XP to Windows 10.

Windows system requirements: Customers will need to install this driver for the system to work. This is also accessible via the FTDI website download page.
FTDI driver

Analyser Reporting and Analysis Software

ONLY For use with:
  • Pulsar Assessor range of sound level meters
  • Pulsar Quantifier range of sound level meters
  • Pulsar Model 33 Real-Time Analyser
NOT for use with Pulsar Nova Sound Level Meters or NoisePen products - You will need Pulsar AnalyzerPlusinstead (see above).

Legacy software

Pulsar dBLink3 reporting and analysis software
Please note this software is no longer supported by Pulsar Instruments. We recommend you use Pulsar AnalyzerPlus instead with all our noise dosemeters.
However, you may still use dBLink with the Pulsar Model 22 personal noise dosemeter system if you wish.

Customers will need to install this windows driver for the system to work. This is also accessible via the FTDI website download page.

AnalyzerPlus (legacy version pre-2019)
This is the previous version of the new AnalyzerPlus software. We recommend you use the new version as this version is no longer supported. If for some reason you still need to access the old version you can download it here.

Download the original AnalyzerPlus (pre-2019 version) here, and the original Nova Quickstart Guide

Technical Guides

Nova Support

Model 22 Noise Dosemeter System - Trouble shooting guide Windows USB Connectivity Technical Notes

User Training Guides

The following User Training Guides are available: