Acoustic Calibrators help improve noise measurement

Pulsar M105 & 106 Acoustic Calibrators help improve noise measurement

How these two products from Pulsar can lead to a significant improvement in noise measurements.

Acoustic calibrators are an essential piece of equipment in that they set and check the sensitivity of your sound level meter to ensure that it reads correctly.  Without the use of a calibrator, it is almost impossible to know if your sound level meter is reading within the required legal accuracy - even if your meter is a fully approved unit and is supplied by one of the major manufacturers.  Just a small number of companies worldwide offer approved sound level meters, but even with these, all regulations stipulate that the noise meter is calibrated before and after every formal usage. 

In the past, it was not possible to be certain that an acoustic calibrator was accurate to the latest standards and able to calibrate a sound level meter under almost all conditions of temperature and humidity. In addition, acoustic calibrators can change their output level at different altitudes and in different barometric conditions.  The Pulsar Models 105 and 106 both contain sophisticated sensors that correct the output for all these effects and it is these that have allowed the units to be fully EU Pattern Approved.  

Both units fully meet the requirements of professional standard IEC 60942.  Model 106 is a Class 2 and Model 105 is a Class 1 instrument.

Key benefits:

  • Manufactured in the UK to full ISO standards
  • Ergonomic and robust design
  • Auto-correction for temperature and barometric pressure
  • Low battery indicator
  • 94dB Sound Pressure Level
  • Fits ½ inch international standard microphones
  • ¼ inch microphone adapter available

The acoustic calibrator is simply fitted over the sound level meter's microphone and the start button pressed. Most modern meters will now set their sensitivity fully automatically, but of course, if the calibrator itself is not accurate, it will be set to the wrong value. Pulsar's Approved calibrators significantly reduce the chance of this happening.

The acoustic calibrators are normally supplied as part of a Pulsar noise measuring kit which includes the sound level meter and all the required accessories, but they can be bought separately to upgrade existing meters.

To inquire about the PULSAR Acoustic Calibrators, please contact our team on +44 (0)723 518011.  View the full range of Pulsar Noise Measuring equipment