Choose the Right Hearing Protection

How this meter will allow you to choose the right hearing protection for a wide range of noises in different areas

Pulsar Instruments' ‘Noise Assessor' is renowned as the simplest approved noise meter available for industrial Health & Safety.  With only four buttons and a display that gives the user full data on all parameters the European Directive and HSE require, it is hard to beat for simplicity.  It is truly a "point to shoot" meter, where, in a single measurement, all the data is gathered to demonstrate compliance with the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 which came into force in April 2006.

The first two instruments in the Assessor range were never intended to be used as a diagnostic tool to determine the choice of personal hearing protection.  Indeed, conventional wisdom has always been that ‘simple to use' and ‘diagnostic' were mutually incompatible.  However, this particular version changes this and allows even the biggest technophobe to make quick and accurate measurements to select the appropriate hearing protection for a wide range of noises in many different areas.

The Pulsar CA Assessor range has only one extra button, making a total of five, so compared with competing instruments that are complex to operate, the Pulsar Assessor (CA) is truly a revolution in measurement simplicity.  The CA Assessor uses the HML or High-Medium-Low selection Method.  Visit the HSE website where you will find a simple spreadsheet to input the data measured by the Pulsar Assessor for a comprehensive selection of hearing protection or PPE.  See noise and then select:  hearingcalc.xls

In practice, the sound meter is simply turned ON and the reading allowed to settle. The instrument then automatically measures all the legally required parameters AND also gives the ‘C minus A' metric - also known s [LCeq - Laeq]

Pulsar Noise Assessor (CA) is available in two variants, both completely complying with the current international standard IEC 61672: Model 81CA, at laboratory precision Class 1 level, while the lower cost Pulsar Model 82CA complies with Class 2 industrial accuracy.

As per the original range, all noise meters are available as full noise measuring kit with everything needed to make your noise measurement.

Pulsar Assessor is widely used in industries such as:

  • Manufacturing,
  • Construction,
  • Utilities and transport to name a few.

Find out more about Pulsar Noise Monitoring Equipment and how the Pulsar Assessor Models 81CA and 82CA will help with your health and safety strategy.  Visit the website or ring the team to discuss your requirements on 01723 518011 and a free quotation.

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