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Global growth on the agenda for Pulsar Instruments

NOISE measurement product manufacturer Pulsar Instruments plc is targeting global growth following the launch of a new range of high-performance sound level meters: Pulsar Nova.

The company, based in North Yorkshire, has invested in developing the new range of professional noise meters, designed to help businesses comply with noise at work regulations.

Sarah Brack, Managing Director for the business, said the new Pulsar Nova range of six powerful sound level meters, would open up new markets for the business.

"We aim to take the brand global in order to lift our company to the next stage of its development. Pulsar Instruments plc have been successfully involved in the noise measurement industry since 1969 but this latest launch is going to help grow the business further".

New sound level meter, new opportunities

"It will open up opportunities within a variety of health and safety settings, mostly in noisy industries, such as manufacturing, entertainment, transport and construction in any countries concerned with achieving safety compliance. Increasingly, hearing loss is a recognised global problem," she added.

Sarah said that the launch of the new range, which took place during the Safety & Health show at the NEC in Birmingham in May created work for local companies such as photographers, designers, printers and promotional companies which were involved in the project.  The Pulsar Nova range was designed and is manufactured in North Yorkshire which is part of a continued desire from the organisation to support the local economy.

Anyone wishing to find out more about the Pulsar Nova sound level meters can visit the company's website or telephone 01723 518011 to discuss their noise measurement requirements with a team member.  Alternatively, you can email us direct.

Notes to editors:

About the Pulsar Nova range of 6 new sound level meters

Key features:

Pulsar Nova Models 41 (Class 1) and Model 42 (Class 2)

  • Entry Level sound Level meter for basic noise level assessments
  • Simultaneous measurement of all key noise parameters
  • 20dB(A) to 140dB(A) dynamic measurement range

Pulsar Nova Models 43 (Class 1) and Model 44 (Class 2)

  • Simple to use occupational sound level meter: the safety professionals' choice
  • Leq, Peak and C-A for the HML method of hearing protection calculation
  • 20dB(A) to 140dB(A) & 143dB(C) dynamic measurement range
  • Ideal for Noise at Work, Occupational & industrial hygiene, construction and entertainment noise

Pulsar Nova Models 45 (Class 1) and Model 46 (Class 2)

  • The premium sound level meter in the range with all features of the four previous models
  • Manual audio record and audio note
  • TWA/dose
  • Ln Values
  • Real-time 1:1 octave band filters
  • Ideal for boundary noise measurement, vehicle noise testing and environmental noise