Noise Risk Assessments – Measuring Reality

Effective noise risk assessments require the accurate measurement of an individual workers exposure to noise

It is important to capture the ‘reality’ of their daily environment rather than one where an individual is very conscious of the fact they are being measured. Dosimetry provides an ideal framework to realise this aim.

The innovative and comprehensive Model 22 doseBadge systems use small, lightweight and extremely robust units that are worn by the worker on their shoulder during their entire working shift.

The unique shape of the doseBadge and fact there is no obvious microphone hide the fact it is a noise measurement instrument, eradicating the temptation of tampering or miss-use. The Model 22 doseBadge has no display and a pulsing blue Led is all that can be seen (confirming that the unit is measuring). People quickly forget they are wearing it and can easily carry on working as normal. The unique shape and design of the doseBadge makes it the ideal measurement tool for even the most demanding application.

As you would expect from Pulsar Instruments, excellent software is included in each system allowing you to download your measurements and analyse a full days time history whilst quickly presenting your results in a variety of clear and informative report styles.